Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finding the Right Plastic Cups Distributor

The food and beverage industry are the biggest consumers of plastic cups, paper cups, and plastic utensils. Individuals purchase wholesale plastic cups and utensils from time to time, but usually for special gatherings and events. Thus, it is important for the food and beverage industry to find the right plastic cups distributor that they can trust with superior quality and service.

Plastic cups manufacturers should offer a wide variety of products such as translucent plastic cups and paper cups. Coffee bundles are also in demand in the beverage industry so manufacturers offering these are a plus. Accessories such as straws, napkins, and plates are also a must-have and companies selling these at a competitive price allow you to resell these items at a very good price.

Check for discounts, especially for bulk orders. Compare prices with different manufacturers to get the best deal available. Directories for plastic cups distributors are available and some middlemen charge a fee for providing this. Thanks to the Internet though, finding distributors online has been an easier task compared before.

Going green? Most companies have environment-friendly products made from renewable materials. With biodegradable products, consumers have a bigger chance of saving the environment not only by purchasing eco-friendly plastic cups and utensils, but by reusing them as well.
Prices are not the only factors when comparing different suppliers. It’s important to compare different shipping rates and delivery time. Companies often offer free shipping for a minimum order. However, verify how long will delivery take for these kinds of offers.

A lot of reputable plastic cups distributors are available on the internet nowadays. Just keep in mind that there is no rush because investing and trusting the wrong supplier will do more damage than good. It’s only right that you take your time in choosing the right supplier.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Era of Advertising in Plastic Cups

Personalized plastic cups are a great way to advertise your business. Not only is it practical, but giving employees and other people a practical item that they would often use equates to cheap advertisement. Because plastic cups are purchased in bulk, more purchase means more savings. Experts have given a few reasons why advertising with custom plastic cups are more economical and practical.

  • Affordable advertising – In creating promotional campaigns, the major factor businesses look into is the budget. By utilizing custom plastic cups, cost effective advertising is absolutely possible. Not only do bulk items of plastic cups cheaper, but they are made of the highest quality with extended use too.
  • Creative freedom - Have your artistic team create unique designs that you can put in plastic cups that people can easily see and understand. Additionally, plastic cups manufacturers usually have a creative team to help businesses conceptualize their own designs. With your slogan, logo, or any other design displayed on plastic cups, your business is guaranteed a name recall and long-lasting impression.
  • Eco-friendly solutions – By using environment friendly plastic cups, businesses are sending out a positive message to all their target consumers and possible clients. Not only is it cheaper, but it helps save the environment too. By going green, businesses promote an earth-friendly product designed to last long.
  • Targeted and lasting promotion – Because custom plastic cups can be designed according to your company’s needs, it’s easy to create promotional campaigns and change them in a matter of weeks or months. Distribute personalized plastic cups at different events with each design suited for each event. With your company logo on each plastic cup, people are bound to remember your business long before the event has occurred.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Plastic Cups Are More Practical Nowadays

It’s safe to say that plastic cups are one of the most purchased kitchen utensils people have for their short-term convenience and cheap price. Plastic cups are suitable for the food industry, but they are also suitable for celebrating special occasions because plastic cups are easier to dispose than washing glasses.

Not only are plastic cups cheap and versatile, they are easy to use as well. They have become such a major product in our lives that they have replaced most utensils in the kitchen already. Their durability makes them last longer than ever before. Now, plastic cups manufactured are colorful and attractive, sporting various designs and styles. They may look expensive because of their outside appearance but in reality, they are very much affordable.
Quality plastic cups manufacturers guarantee that transporting these items are safe and easy. Also, they are designed for hot and cold beverages, allowing people to use them for coffee, juice, tea, beer, and even ice cream. They are lightweight and can even be personalized. Plastic cups are safe to use even for children because they are non-poisonous and do not break. On the other hand, plastic cups are easy for elderly people to hold because they are lightweight.
Because plastic cups have been re-invented to sport appealing and more attractive designs that can be custom-made, they make for perfect gifts for any occasion. Appropriate messages can be added and will definitely be appreciated by its recipient. Furthermore, businessmen can take advantage of this feature because they can be used as campaign materials for any event or promotions. Clients will constantly be reminded of the company’s name, increasing name recall and brand awareness.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Project Plastic Cup: String Telephone

What better way to teach kids about science than by doing it during playtime? Here's one fun and easy way to teach the young ones about sound waves and how they travel. This project requires adult supervision.

Presenting Project Plastic Cup: String Telephone!

For this little project, all you need are some durable plastic cups, string, and scissors. String telephones are usually made of tin cans but plastic cups are just as effective. Both tin cans and plastic cups can handle wear and tear. One advantage of plastic cups is that they are easier to handle. If you are feeling a little artsy, you can always go for the specially designed plastic cups.

1. Punch a hole at the bottom of each plastic cup. Since it is made of plastic, you may use a push pin or any sharp point. The holes should be big enough for the string to fit through.
2. Push the string through the holes of both plastic cups. This may be tricky so use the end of a paper clip to thread it through.
3. Tie a knot in the string. Pull it tight so the knot rests firmly at the bottom of your plastic cup. If the knot won't do it, tie it around a toothpick and use that as your anchor. Do the same thing with the string on the other plastic cup. Remember to pull it tight, but not too tight.
4. See if it works. Have your partner speak while you listen with your side of the telephone. You should be able to hear your partner's voice, even if you    used a long piece of string between the plastic cups.

These days, you don't have to immediately send used plastic cups to the trash bin. There are a myriad ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and like the string telephone project, have fun and learn at the same time. With Eco-friendly plastic cups like CupDepot.com's, your plastic cups will surely go a long way.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Plastic Cup: Kiddie Planting

Keeping the children busy during no-school days can be a tough task. Even the most sophisticated toys can’t keep a wandering tot from looking for something more exciting. Thankfully, you don’t need too many toys to keep your young ones occupied with an activity that’s not only fun, but also great for the environment. All you need is a durable plastic cup and some basic planting tools and you’re all set for a fun-filled afternoon with your kids.

It only takes five easy and kiddie-friendly steps.

1. Fill about three quarters of a plastic cup with potting soil. Make sure to leave ample empty space at the top.

2. Here is where your kids can display their creativity. Personalize your plastic cup with your chosen embellishments. Use glue to hold them together. Make sure, though, that it won’t weigh down your plastic cup. If you have a specially designed plastic cup, encourage your kids to use colored pens to color in the existing design.

3. Use the plastic wrap to protect the plastic cup’s embellishments during watering.

4. Planting time! Sow the seeds of the plant you have chosen.

5. Water your fledgling plant to dampen the soil. Make sure to remind your kids that the plant needs regular watering and maintenance.

Even playtime can be a great way to teach your children a thing or two about caring for the environment. With durable and eco-friendly plastic cups like CupDepot.com’s line of paper and plastic cups, you can help save Mother Earth from further destruction with just a dash of creativity and imagination.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Help save the environment, reuse plastic cups

Environmentally conscious folks have always been adamant about the use of plastic cups because of its non-biodegradable properties. While that may be true, plastic cups are also reusable and there a myriad ways to reuse them instead of just simply adding them to the growing pile of global waste.

1. Storage. Use plastic cups as make-shift storage for your cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, or your loose coins. You can always add an extra personal touch by decorating generic plastic cups or by using colored custom-made plastic cups.

2. Playthings for your kids. With proper guidance, you can let your kids reuse plastic cups as extra toys. Use it as miniature pails in the sandbox or while on the beach. You can also use it as toys during their bath time. Plastic cups come in different sizes and you can make great homemade toys out of them. Make a string phone using two durable plastic cups or use it to play a game like bowling or cup stacking. Just remember to watch them carefully while they play to avoid any accidents.

3. Bug trap. If you are squeamish where creepy crawlers are concerned, use plastic cups to trap them. Clear plastic cups will give you great visuals of your bug-hunting success.

Today, there are eco-friendly plastic cups like CupDepot.com’s KaratCup plastic cups, which are also durable and affordable at the same time. With these extra tips, you can feel a little less guilty about hurting the environment when using plastic cups.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More reasons to celebrate summer with CupDepot.com

CupDepot.com offers free matching lids with every plastic cup purchase

A plastic cup is not just a cup when it's from CupDepot.com. This summer, CupDepot.com, the premiere online retailer for plastic cups and paper cups, offers its customers an exciting add-on for every purchase of their Eco-friendly plastic cup line.

From birthdays to anniversaries, people love to celebrate life's special moments with gatherings. For easy cleanup, consider disposable food and beverage containers and food packaging products.

This summer, beat the heat with refreshing drinks from clear, Eco-friendly plastic cups available online on CupDepot.com. For every purchase, CupDepot will throw in free matching flat lids to your plastic cup purchases. This offer is good for 12 oz. PLA plastic cups in clear and stock print, 16 oz. clear PLA plastic cups, and 24 oz. clear PLA plastic cups. CupDepot’s PLA plastic cups line is made from degradable material that poses no threat to the environment.

CupDepot.com is the online retailer and manufacturer of Karat® and Karat® Earth paper and plastic cups. Each paper cup and plastic cup come with matching lids and is available in a variety of sizes. Karat® paper cups and Karat® PET plastic cups are made of high quality and sold at competitive prices. The Karat® plastic cups line is manufactured with PET – a highly translucent material widely used in the food service industry because of its efficiency, affordability and flexibility. The Karat® Earth paper cups line come in two forms, each with matching lids and available in two colors. These biodegradable cups are offered in various sizes to suit varying beverage requirements.

CupDepot.com takes beverage handling to a whole new playing field with its high quality, four-color custom plastic cup printing service. In a short span of time and for a pocket-friendly value, customers can enjoy the benefits of custom-made plastic cups minus the hassle. For a truly convenient and valuable online experience, CupDepot.com offers its customers free ground shipping for all paper cup and plastic cup purchases within the Continental USA. Join the mailing list to receive CupDepot.com’s promotional coupons and to find out more about the latest news in beverage handling technology.

Why it's okay to go plastic

Plastic is used in a variety of household supplies – plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic cups and a whole range of plastic utensils and cutleries – and for good reason. Plastic cups and utensils eliminate the need for post-dining clean up. In the past, though, disposable does not translate to biodegradable.

Today, the words “plastic” and “environmentally friendly” can safely go hand in hand. PLA and Evlon packaging materials, which are used to manufacture plasticware, are biodegradable. These materials can be quickly and safely composted in a professionally managed facility, after which all that remains is good ol’ water and carbon dioxide.

Plastic utensils made from these compostable materials retain the properties of plasticware, made from petroleum-based plastic, and are durable and affordable. Aside from their fuss-free properties, plastic containers, especially bags, are also reusable and recyclable – two great properties of any packaging material.

Here at CupDepot.com, save Mother Earth from unnecessary pollution and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of plastic cups, plates, utensils, bags, and other plastic items.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CupDepot Celebrates the Summer with Free Matching Lids

CupDepot, a leading manufacturer of Karat and Karat Earth paper and plastic products, specializes in plastic cups, paper coffee cups, dessert cups, food containers, cup lids, and related food packaging products.

To kick off the summer right, CupDepot is now offering FREE MATCHING LIDS with the purchase of clear eco-friendly cups from their environmentally conscious Karat Earth line.

Take advantage soon, because this promotion won't last forever!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make ladybug jewelry and more with CupDepot's plastic cups!



  • 2 large plastic cups
  • Clear, flat trash bag
  • Dowel or stick
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Masking tape
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors


1. Cut the bottoms off both cups. Lay the bag flat and roll its sealed, bottom end around the outside of one cup, 1 inch below the cup's rim. Tape in place.

2. Feed the trash bag through the bottom of the second cup, then nest the cup firmly over the first so the rims are aligned.

3. Using the scissors, fringe the tail of the trash bag. Punch opposing holes through both of the cups, just below the rims.

4. Push the dowel or stick through the two holes, wrapping a rubber band around it on each side of the cup to hold it in place.

5. Run like the wind!




1. Place strips of paper into one end of straw. The more strips, the fuller it looks.

2. Use scotch tape to tape strips in place.

3. Now you have a flameless sparkler.




1. String six straws together to make a four-sided shape called a tetrahedron. It is easiest if you suck the string through the straws.

2. Cover two sides with a piece of tissue paper. Use the tetrahedron to measure the paper. Glue the paper around the straws.

3. Poke two holes in the paper about five inches apart around one straw.

4. Thread one piece of string through each hole and tie around the straw. Then tie the ends together.

5. Tie light kite string to the bridle strings. To make a tail, cut several strips of tissue paper about three feet long. Tie the tail to the bottom edge of the kite.

6. Then run and watch the kite follow you.



  • Plaster of Paris
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Non-Stick Cooking Spray or Vaseline
  • Paint
  • Jewelry Findings

1. Use plastic spoons, spread lightly with Vaseline or spray on the non-stick cooking spray. Fill the spoon with the plaster of paris (mix using manufacturer’s directions). Use the back of a butter knife to level it off. Set it aside until completely dry, this should take a few hours (once again, see the manufacturer’s suggestions).

2. Once the plaster is dry, slide your oval shape out of the spoon. Use red and black paint to make it into a ladybug!

3. If you are making a necklace, I have found it is easy to use a 2 inch Headpin (this looks like and extra long straight pin without the pointed end). Use needle nose pliers to bend down the end of the headpin with the flattened edge so it looks like a loop. Insert the straight end of the headpin into the plaster before it dries, covering all of the headpin except the loop you made.

4. To make a pin, simply use a hot glue gun or tacky glue to attach the pin back onto the back of your lady bug.

*** This can also be made into a magnet!