Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why it's okay to go plastic

Plastic is used in a variety of household supplies – plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic cups and a whole range of plastic utensils and cutleries – and for good reason. Plastic cups and utensils eliminate the need for post-dining clean up. In the past, though, disposable does not translate to biodegradable.

Today, the words “plastic” and “environmentally friendly” can safely go hand in hand. PLA and Evlon packaging materials, which are used to manufacture plasticware, are biodegradable. These materials can be quickly and safely composted in a professionally managed facility, after which all that remains is good ol’ water and carbon dioxide.

Plastic utensils made from these compostable materials retain the properties of plasticware, made from petroleum-based plastic, and are durable and affordable. Aside from their fuss-free properties, plastic containers, especially bags, are also reusable and recyclable – two great properties of any packaging material.

Here at, save Mother Earth from unnecessary pollution and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of plastic cups, plates, utensils, bags, and other plastic items.

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