Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More reasons to celebrate summer with offers free matching lids with every plastic cup purchase

A plastic cup is not just a cup when it's from This summer,, the premiere online retailer for plastic cups and paper cups, offers its customers an exciting add-on for every purchase of their Eco-friendly plastic cup line.

From birthdays to anniversaries, people love to celebrate life's special moments with gatherings. For easy cleanup, consider disposable food and beverage containers and food packaging products.

This summer, beat the heat with refreshing drinks from clear, Eco-friendly plastic cups available online on For every purchase, CupDepot will throw in free matching flat lids to your plastic cup purchases. This offer is good for 12 oz. PLA plastic cups in clear and stock print, 16 oz. clear PLA plastic cups, and 24 oz. clear PLA plastic cups. CupDepot’s PLA plastic cups line is made from degradable material that poses no threat to the environment. is the online retailer and manufacturer of Karat® and Karat® Earth paper and plastic cups. Each paper cup and plastic cup come with matching lids and is available in a variety of sizes. Karat® paper cups and Karat® PET plastic cups are made of high quality and sold at competitive prices. The Karat® plastic cups line is manufactured with PET – a highly translucent material widely used in the food service industry because of its efficiency, affordability and flexibility. The Karat® Earth paper cups line come in two forms, each with matching lids and available in two colors. These biodegradable cups are offered in various sizes to suit varying beverage requirements. takes beverage handling to a whole new playing field with its high quality, four-color custom plastic cup printing service. In a short span of time and for a pocket-friendly value, customers can enjoy the benefits of custom-made plastic cups minus the hassle. For a truly convenient and valuable online experience, offers its customers free ground shipping for all paper cup and plastic cup purchases within the Continental USA. Join the mailing list to receive’s promotional coupons and to find out more about the latest news in beverage handling technology.

Why it's okay to go plastic

Plastic is used in a variety of household supplies – plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic cups and a whole range of plastic utensils and cutleries – and for good reason. Plastic cups and utensils eliminate the need for post-dining clean up. In the past, though, disposable does not translate to biodegradable.

Today, the words “plastic” and “environmentally friendly” can safely go hand in hand. PLA and Evlon packaging materials, which are used to manufacture plasticware, are biodegradable. These materials can be quickly and safely composted in a professionally managed facility, after which all that remains is good ol’ water and carbon dioxide.

Plastic utensils made from these compostable materials retain the properties of plasticware, made from petroleum-based plastic, and are durable and affordable. Aside from their fuss-free properties, plastic containers, especially bags, are also reusable and recyclable – two great properties of any packaging material.

Here at, save Mother Earth from unnecessary pollution and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of plastic cups, plates, utensils, bags, and other plastic items.