Monday, August 24, 2009

Help save the environment, reuse plastic cups

Environmentally conscious folks have always been adamant about the use of plastic cups because of its non-biodegradable properties. While that may be true, plastic cups are also reusable and there a myriad ways to reuse them instead of just simply adding them to the growing pile of global waste.

1. Storage. Use plastic cups as make-shift storage for your cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, or your loose coins. You can always add an extra personal touch by decorating generic plastic cups or by using colored custom-made plastic cups.

2. Playthings for your kids. With proper guidance, you can let your kids reuse plastic cups as extra toys. Use it as miniature pails in the sandbox or while on the beach. You can also use it as toys during their bath time. Plastic cups come in different sizes and you can make great homemade toys out of them. Make a string phone using two durable plastic cups or use it to play a game like bowling or cup stacking. Just remember to watch them carefully while they play to avoid any accidents.

3. Bug trap. If you are squeamish where creepy crawlers are concerned, use plastic cups to trap them. Clear plastic cups will give you great visuals of your bug-hunting success.

Today, there are eco-friendly plastic cups like’s KaratCup plastic cups, which are also durable and affordable at the same time. With these extra tips, you can feel a little less guilty about hurting the environment when using plastic cups.