Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Plastic Cup: Kiddie Planting

Keeping the children busy during no-school days can be a tough task. Even the most sophisticated toys can’t keep a wandering tot from looking for something more exciting. Thankfully, you don’t need too many toys to keep your young ones occupied with an activity that’s not only fun, but also great for the environment. All you need is a durable plastic cup and some basic planting tools and you’re all set for a fun-filled afternoon with your kids.

It only takes five easy and kiddie-friendly steps.

1. Fill about three quarters of a plastic cup with potting soil. Make sure to leave ample empty space at the top.

2. Here is where your kids can display their creativity. Personalize your plastic cup with your chosen embellishments. Use glue to hold them together. Make sure, though, that it won’t weigh down your plastic cup. If you have a specially designed plastic cup, encourage your kids to use colored pens to color in the existing design.

3. Use the plastic wrap to protect the plastic cup’s embellishments during watering.

4. Planting time! Sow the seeds of the plant you have chosen.

5. Water your fledgling plant to dampen the soil. Make sure to remind your kids that the plant needs regular watering and maintenance.

Even playtime can be a great way to teach your children a thing or two about caring for the environment. With durable and eco-friendly plastic cups like CupDepot.com’s line of paper and plastic cups, you can help save Mother Earth from further destruction with just a dash of creativity and imagination.