Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project Paper Cup: Matching Game

Playtime is the perfect opportunity to for learning as well. We all know that a child’s mind is fertile ground for learning, and this is made easier and effective during playtime. For this edition of Project Paper Cup, we will use recycled yogurt paper cups to create a game where kids can sharpen their memory and teach them the value of recycling at the same time. Moms, dads, and of course kids, it’s time to play the matching game!

For this project, we will need at least ten used yogurt paper cups (make sure they are all cleaned up!), art supplies, particularly colored papers, scissors, and glue. Cut out five pairs of any shape you want. You can cut out stars, hearts, circles, triangles, squares – any shape you can cut out, as long as you make two of each, and each pair is different than each other pair. Gather your ten yogurt paper cups and glue each to the inside of a paper cup. If you have white, generic paper cups, you can also decorate the outer area with paint and colored pens.

Now, here is how you play the game. Flip the yogurt paper cups upside down. Each player picks out two cups. If the shapes inside do not match, the player puts them back down. Now it’s the next player’s turn. A player scores a point once they picked out two cups with the same shape inside. Once this happens, be sure to remove the matching cups from the game. The player who picks out the most number of matching yogurt paper cups wins. This game will help your kids develop sharp memory skills and hone their strategizing skills. Of course, using yogurt paper cups to create their own game is also an effective way to instill the value of recycling.

Always remember, the next time you enjoy a nice, healthy yogurt, do not hesitate to use yogurt paper cups because here at Project Paper Cup, we’ll teach you cool and kid friendly ways to reuse them.