Saturday, February 6, 2010

The art in plastic cups

When thinking of drawing or painting, the medium that most frequently comes to mind is paper. While it’s perfectly fine to draw or paint on paper, there are other, more environmentally friendly ways to exercise one’s artistry and creativity. One such way is to paint on used plastic cups.
Why plastic cups, you ask? To that, we reply, why not?
Plastic cups are great alternatives to paper when painting. Plastic cups offer the artist an interesting perspective and an extra challenge for rendering colours and designs. A “painted” plastic cup can then be used as storage, as a toy, or simply as decor. Even PET and PP plastic cups can be a canvas for one’s artistic expression. Unlike painting or drawing on a flat surface like paper, going artsy on a plastic cup can be extra fun with its circular contour and elevated surface. Depending on your imagination, the artistic possibilities are endless!
These days, when being Eco-friendly is on everybody’s agenda, reusing plastic cups should be second nature. With a dash of creativity, even a simple plastic cup can turn into a work of art.