Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good Side of Hot Cups

We’ve heard it a million times… “It takes X amount of trees to make paper.” Sad to say, paper hot cups are part of this category and have become a long-standing issue with environmentalists. It’s fortunate, then, that we have things like eco-friendly hot cups available to purchase. Now, business owners can serve steaming hot cups of coffee without hearing anything from environment advocates.

What, then, are the benefits hot cups bring?
Hot cups do not require much storage space. Hot cups can be piled on top of one another and placed in an inconspicuous corner while coffee cups and mugs require a lot of shelf space.
No breaking china! When hot cups are dropped, the only worry is about the beverage spilled on the floor. When breakables are dropped, you have to worry about shards of glass in addition to the liquid spillage.
Hot cups can be taken anywhere. For café owners, you tap those who just want their beverage on the go. You also maximize the space of your café. If, for example, you serve hot beverages in mugs, some people take their own sweet time sipping their tea or coffee. This makes them stay longer than expected, using what could be profit-generating seats or spaces for other customers.
No need for extra manpower. Hot cups are easily disposable. Gather them up, throw them in the trash bin, and it’s over. Your wait staff can attend to other important tasks. When breakables are used, extra manpower is needed to wash these cups. And oh, not to mention that in paper hot cups, we save on a natural resource – water. No washing is ever needed.
Hot cups are great for parties. People don’t just hold on to one cup for an entire night. Because of the flurry of activities going on, you can’t just watch your cup forever. With hot cups, people can take it anywhere as they wish and when they forget where they placed it, they can easily get a new one. And, as the night starts to get rowdy, you need not worry about your hot cups breaking. Lastly, clean up time becomes a thousand times quicker than washing each and every cup.
Hot cups are walking advertisements. Corporations, cafés, restaurant owners, etc. can easily imprint their brand or logos in hot cups. As people walk around with hot cups, they’re an easy and inexpensive means of advertising.
For café owners and individuals who are still stuck with their breakables, perhaps now is the perfect time to make the big switch to hot cups. Try them and reap the many benefits hot cups can bring.