Friday, March 5, 2010

Project plastic cup: Color combinations

You’re about to send your plastic cup to the trash bin, but just when you are about to throw it away, you see your child watching some uninspired cartoon show on TV. Parenting alert! You just stumbled upon a learning opportunity with your child. And you’ve got just the perfect tool for it - plastic cups!

Plastic cups are primarily for food and beverage handling, but we all know how immensely useful they are for storage and yes, even for fun, learning moments. This time, use your plastic cup to teach your young one about color combinations!

All you need for this simple activity are clear plastic cups (preferably used), a stick, a long piece of wood or anything that can be used to stir, water and some food coloring. Because this project involves water, have towels ready as this activity is bound to be fun but messy!

Use basic colors and mix food coloring and create new colors. For example, in one plastic cup, add a combination of blue and red and you have violet! In another plastic cup, combine yellow and blue to make green. You can even make pink by adding water to a red solution. The color possibilities are endless and you, as a parent or a guardian, can be the teacher who will explain why and how.

Family bonding moments like this are priceless so make sure that when you do this activity, you have reliable plastic cups as learning tools. Check out online plastic cup manufacturer for clear plastic cups in various shapes. You can also have them designed according to your preference. Or better yet, get a generic plastic cup and decorate it with your little one. With a little dash of creativity, your plastic cup can surely go a long way.