Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project plastic cup: Art cups

Playtime is a non-negotiable part of every kid’s young life. It is during this time that they learn concepts, develop skills and begin to understand how things work. This is also the perfect time for adults to subconsciously instill the value of recycling in a child’s mind. Unfortunately, people oftentimes don’t think about the environment and throw disposable clear plastic cups in trash bins everywhere even though they harm the earth. So next time you have an excess of used plastic cups, don’t just head to the trash bin, instead bring out your art materials and announce an impromptu art session with your kid. It’s Project Plastic Cup time!

This playtime activity is simple and fun. Collect at least six empty clear plastic cups and fill three with half a cup of water. Proceed to add paint of the colors you or your child like to the other empty cups. Start with the basic colors and if you have more cups, create color combinations. The color possibilities are endless. Now use the remaining cups as canvasses and paint away! You can create something as basic as a Halloween pumpkin cup. To do this, just paint a cup orange and use black to add other parts of the pumpkin anatomy. You can also help your kid imitate his or her favorite cartoon character. Remember that the plastic cup is just the base, so feel free to gather other used items at home and use them to enhance your plastic cup masterpiece. Strings, strips of cloth, ribbons, buttons—the ideas are limitless!

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