Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project Plastic Cup: Snake!

All over the world, people are talking about global warming—What caused it? What are its manifestations? What can we do to mitigate its effects? Scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs everywhere have been putting in a lot of time and effort to develop plans to help save our Earth, but until there is a solution, there is one thing we all can do to help: recycle plastic cups. Plastic cups are widely used in homes everywhere and unfortunately contribute to a large portion of waste. Luckily, for those that want to help save our planet, there are a countless number of ways people can reuse plastic cup to help reduce waste. For today, why not make a toy snake?

Toys are fun but making your own toys is twice as fun. Toy making activities foster creativity and help teach kids how to follow directions—definitely a worthwhile activity.

For this plastic cup project, you’ll need at least 3-5 colorful plastic cups (Generic plastic cups are also acceptable. You can always use markers to spruce up the cups later.), used paper, something sharp that can poke through a plastic cup, used leg pantyhose, markers and scissors. The more plastic cups you have, the longer the toy snake can be, so gather up as much as you can.

First, with the help of an adult, poke holes in the middle of your plastic cups. Thread the cups with the leg pantyhose. Next, ball up some used paper then place each ball inside each cup so the cups are all evenly spaced. Now use your marker to draw eyes on the first plastic cup in the line-up so that it looks like the head of the snake. If you don’t have a marker, you can also use colorful construction paper for the snake’s head and tail. After the snake is put together, use watercolor paint, colored pencils and other art supplies to make your toy snake look exactly how you want.

Voila! You’ve got your own toy snake made from used plastic cups. Who says plastic cups are bad for the environment? With a dash of creativity and resourcefulness, plastic cups can truly be eco-friendly.