Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project plastic cup: Pop-up animal puppet

When you have piles of used clear plastic cups that have nowhere to go but the trash bin, what do you do? Here’s what we suggest. Bring out your art supplies, call your kids and make pop-up animal puppets!

Making pop-up animal puppets is a fun, easy and eco-friendly way to deal with used plastic cups. It’s also a great bonding opportunity with kids, and a fun way to teach them about art and recycling.

For this plastic cup project, you’ll need used plastic cups, art supplies, scissors, a small wooden dowel or a craft stick and some tissue paper. Adult supervision is extremely important so make sure you’re around when your kids do this.

1. First, poke a hole through the bottom of the plastic cup. Make sure the hole is big enough for the dowel or the stick to go through it. Poke the dowel or the stick through it. It should be a good way above the top of the cup.

2. Take a strip of tissue paper and tape one edge around the top of the cup and tape the other edge around the top of the dowel. Afterwards, drape a large piece over the top. You now have your puppet’s body.

3. You can now move on to adding the other parts of your puppet. Choose an animal that you like and draw and cut out a head. You can also add feet to your puppet by attaching it onto the base of the plastic cup. Let your creativity loose! Just make sure that when you move the dowel up and down, your animal puppet will pop up.

When it comes to recycling your plastic cups, the only limitation is your resourcefulness and your imagination. Plastic cups can be Eco-friendly, too. Log on to and see for yourself.