Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project Plastic Cup: Plastic Cup Games

Here’s your situation. You have bored kids who want something fun and different. And you also have piles of used plastic cups ready to be thrown into the trash bin. Well, here’s our solution for you. Set up plastic cup games for your kids! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s educational and it’s environment-friendly! You can also use the opportunity to teach your little ones about the value of recycling used plastic cups, aside from the priceless bonding moments.

So, what games can you play using used plastic cups in your kitchen? Here are some kiddie friendly ideas.

1. Water relay. This one is best done outdoors because it’s bound to get messy. Divide your kids into two teams. Place one empty bucket and one water filled bucket for each team. Place the two buckets several inches from one another. The goal is to fill the empty bucket with the water from the other bucket, using only one (or two, depending on your rules) plastic cup. The team which fills the empty bucket fastest wins.

2. Cup stacking. Cup stacking is fast turning from a hobby into a competitive sport. As the name implies, this game involves stacking and unstacking plastic cups in predetermined sequences. For your version of this game, utilize your used plastic cups and make the sequences a lot less complicated if necessary.

3. Art competition. What do you get when you give your kids clear used plastic cups and art materials? An instant art competition! Pick a theme your impromptu art class and give your kids a time limit to make the game a bit more interesting. Allot a space in your home where you’ll display your children’s plastic cup artworks.

These days, there’s no need to feel guilty when using plastic cups. There are Eco-friendly plastic cup brands such as Karat and Karat Earth and you can find them online at