Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project Plastic Cup: Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies are one of the world’s most beautiful and most captivating winged creatures. They come in different hues and their metamorphosis from cocoon to caterpillar to full-fledged butterfly is a fascinating example of evolution and the “magic” of nature.

Imagine a simple art activity that will help feed these beautiful winged creatures, and imagine another that will also teach your kids about the value of reusing household supplies. Presenting project plastic cup, butterfly feeder!
This fun and certified eco-friendly plastic cup craft is so simple the young ones can do this on their own but with some adult guidance to make sure no one gets hurt. For this plastic cup project, you will need used plastic cups (of course!) whether generic or custom made, art supplies, scissors, glue, string or ribbon, water, sugar and some cotton balls.

First, use your art supplies to cut out some petals. You can be as creative as you want. Just remember that this might get wet later on so make sure the paper is thick enough to hold up.

Next, punch a small hole at the bottom of the used plastic cup. You might also want to consider designing your plastic cup if it’s the generic type. You can also use custom made plastic cups for variety. After you’ve made a hole, apply glue all over the bottom of the plastic cup. Attach your paper petals and paste one to two cotton balls into the hole.

Punch two more holes on either side of the top of the plastic cup. Cut some string and tie through the holes.

Mix some sugar into a glass of water. Pour the sugar solution into the plastic cup. Fill the cup about a quarter full. Let the cotton balls drip. Hang it on your backyard and wait for the butterflies to come and have a drink.