Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project Paper Cup: Kiddie Paperweights

It’s project paper cup time again! Time to bring out your art supplies, your used paper cups, and your creativity! For this edition, we will be using used yogurt paper cups. Yogurt paper cups are wider than regular drinking paper cups. Sometimes they come with a transparent plastic lid. Using yogurt paper cups is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the sweet, sour, tangy, and healthy taste of yogurt.

For this week’s Project Paper Cup, we will transform used yogurt paper cups into paperweights. Paperweights are items used to hold down stacks of paper to keep individual pages from flying off. For this activity, you will need your coloring materials and art supplies, depending on the design that you want for your paper cup. You will also need used yogurt paper cups. Make sure you have cleaned them off before doing any actual decorating.

Now, there are several ways to go about this and it is all up to how you want your paperweight to look like. One idea is to make a potted flower paperweight. Crumple some used tissue paper or some art paper and stuff them inside your yogurt paper cup. You can put in some pebbles or small stones to give it more weight. You may opt to cover it with the yogurt paper cup’s matching lid or you can leave it as is. Get a drinking straw and stick it through your “soil”. Now, cut out some petals and leaves using art paper and glue it on to your “stem.” Aside from potted flowers, you can also make pop-up animal paperweights. Use your imagination. The creative possibilities are endless.

The next time you enjoy a healthy serving of yogurt, make sure not to throw away your yogurt paper cup because here at Project Paper Cup, we’ll always find creative ways to reuse them.