Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project Paper Cup: Valentine’s Day-Inspired Yogurt Paper Cups

January is fast coming to a close and before you know it, it’s going to be the month of love. Valentines season is another well-known gift giving season and people will surely be lining up for flowers, cards, chocolates and other typical Valentines gift items. Now, here’s an idea that will save you dollars and will merit more “aaahhs” from your special someone. How about giving your special someone a special Valentine’s Day cup made from used yogurt paper cups? It’s sweet, it’s thoughtful and best of all, it’s also Eco-friendly. This paper cup project is also ideal for kids who want to give some Valentines love to family and friends.

For this edition of project paper cup, you will need used and cleaned up yogurt paper cups, scissors, colored paper, a popsicle stick, tin foil, glue and your stock of art supplies. You can choose from two versions of this yogurt paper cup project. For the first one, cover your used yogurt paper cup with tin foil. You can also choose to cover it with colored paper. Stuff it with paper inside. Make sure the space inside is tight so it will hold up the popsicle stick. Stick in the popsicle stick. Cut out a heart shaped paper and write your message on it. Glue it on to the top of the stick. Add some glitters for sparkle. You can also put a kiss mark on it. As a final touch, wrap the body of the yogurt paper cup in a nice red ribbon.

The second version is pretty much the same except that you turn the cup upside down. So instead of stuffing paper in the cup, you poke a hole at the bottom of it. Use a barbecue stick instead of a popsicle stick. (Kids, be careful!) You can make more hearts if you want to. And you can cover up the stick by making paper leaves.

Ready to make someone smile this coming Valentines season? We bet you are! Keep reading this blog for more easy and eco-friendly ways to reuse yogurt paper cups and plastic cups. Enjoy!

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