Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Paper Cup: Pull-Along Dragon

Welcome to another edition of Project Paper Cup! For this article, we are using paper hot cups to come up with another simple and exciting kiddie project.

Today, we are going to teach you how to make a pull-along dragon from used hot cups and basic art supplies. This project is not just a good creative exercise; it is also a good way to teach your young ones about other cultures, particularly Chinese culture. Aside from spending precious bonding time with them, teaching your kids how to make their own toys is also a good way to inculcate the value of saving money, being resourceful and eco-friendly.

For this paper cup project, you will need used paper hot cups and art supplies such as poster paint, printable construction paper, beads, jingle bells (you can get this from a specialty art store), scissors, glue gun, scotch tape, pencil, hole puncher, small coins and crayons.

First, get four used paper hot cups. Make sure to clean it. Trim it to about two inches. Punch two holes on opposing sides on the middle portion of three of the hot cups. Use pencil to punch one hole on the bottom of the fourth cup. Next, paint the paper hot cups with your preferred color of poster paint. (Color tip: Red is culturally significant and symbolic.) Add streaks of silver and gold to each of the cup.

Print out a template of your dragon’s head (you can also draw it yourself) on a piece of construction paper. Make sure it is bigger than the mouth of your paper hot cups. Color the head and design as you please. Cut it out and set aside. Now, cut a piece of string and make a knot on one end. String a jingle bell and two to three piece of large beads through the string. String the three paper cups through the string with a one-inch drinking straw in between the cups. String the fourth cup through the bottom hole and make a knot.

Punch a hole on the top portion of the dragon’s head and using a glue gun, attach your dragon’s head to the mouth of the fourth cup. Next, tape a small coin below each hole on the hot cup attached to the head. This is to provide stability to your dragon when you pull it along. Finally, attach a long piece of string through the hole on your dragon’s head. Once the glue and paint are completely dry, you are ready to take it for a walk!

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