Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Paper Cup: Fourth of July Patriotic Punch Game

Happy Fourth of July! The day may be over but the spirit of independence is very much still in the air. Moms and dads, here is a fun way to instill patriotism in your young ones—turn it into a game! For this issue of Project Paper Cup, we are going to teach you how to make and play the Fourth of July Patriotic Punch Game. As always, we are going to use recycled hot cups so you can also teach your kids about the value of being environment-friendly and resourceful.

For this project, prepare about 20 used and cleaned up hot cups, a foam board, colored paper in red, white and blue (you can use colored tissue paper), glue sticks, glue gun, a pair of scissors and of course, prizes!

First, glue the bottom of the used paper hot cups to the foam board. Form a 4x5 rectangle. Fill each cup with little trinkets which will serve as the prizes. Next, cut 20 squares from your colored paper. Make sure you have four blue squares, eight red and eight white. The squares should be big enough to cover the top of the cup and each should be labeled with a number from 1 to 20. Now, you can glue the paper squares to the rim of the cups one at a time. Do not just randomly glue on the squares. The idea here is to make an image of the flag. Once you are done, hang it up on a wall and get ready to play.

Now, here are the rules of the game. Have the kids pick a number and instruct them to punch through the paper with the corresponding number so they can get the prize inside the hot cup. You can use improvised darts (be careful!) and have the kids stand a few feet away from the foam board for more fun and excitement.

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