Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Print Your Own Custom Beverage Napkins

Custom beverage napkins are often used for corporate events or big occasions to signify the importance of the event. However, custom beverage napkins can also be used as gifts for people special to us. Anything we put effort in is always treasured, so maybe it’s time to show appreciation by giving custom beverage napkins as gifts. Here’s how you can print one yourself:
  1. Start by deciding on the logo for your custom beverage napkin. Design the image you want to appear on the napkin or hire a graphic designer to do it for you.     Focus on the details, especially on the color and size of the design.
  2. Once you have the logo you want printed on the napkin, find a firm that can create a stamp of the design for you. You can either email them the design or send it through snail mail. Prices normally start at $8.99.
  3. To save money on creating custom beverage napkins, shop online for wholesale prices. Sometimes, grocery stores don’t provide plain beverage napkins so it’s best to find a specialized dealer of custom napkins. You can also check out physical stores of shops that sell party supplies. They will most likely be the ones who offer custom napkins that are in the color of your choice.
  4. Once you have the custom stamp, purchase a color ink to use on the napkin. You can also purchase colored inks from stores that sell school supplies.
  5. When all your supplies are complete (custom beverage napkins, custom stamp, and ink pad), place the stamp on the ink pad, then press it gently on the napkin for at least 10 seconds. After removing it, dry the napkin in front of an electric fan or in the shade.

Custom beverage napkins are easy to do and they really won’t take too much of your time. With the right napkin supplier, you can easily save on supplies and other expenses.