Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Paper Napkin Folding Techniques

Last week we shared with you ideas on folding paper napkins for a wedding reception. Today, we’re adding a couple more neat tricks you can do to make that plain, old paper napkin extra special. You can also use used customized beverage napkins so learning these techniques is a good way to reuse items headed for the trash.

1. The Simple Pleated Fold. This technique is as simple as its name. First, pick out two paper napkins in coordinating or contrasting colors. The choice depends on the look you want. Uniform colors look more refined while contrasting colors give off a more playful vibe. Unfold both napkins completely and place one on top of the other so that all sides are evenly lined up albeit one is very slightly higher than the other. Now starting at one end, fold the napkins together an inch at a time, in the same way you would fold a fan. Make sure to crease each fold as you go. Fold it in half to create a fan shape. Secure the base with a ribbon or raffia or just go right ahead and pop it in a glass or place it on top of a plate.

2. The Classic Tuxedo Fold. For this technique, you need a white paper napkin and another one in a different color to achieve that tuxedo look. Layer three unfolded napkins atop one another. The top and bottom layer should be the same color while the middle layer should be different. Lightly crease the folds and turn the napkins to a 45-degree angle to make it look like a diamond. Fold the napkins down a layer at a time. The first one should be folded to the center and the fold should be reduced an inch each to show off the different layers of color. Once you have at least three layers of different colors, flip the napkin stack back to the rectangular position and then fold it into thirds lengthwise. When you put it in the plate, make sure the alternating stripes of color are seen.

Got any techniques of your own? Share it with us!

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