Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Paper Cup: An Eco-Friendly Easter With Recycled Paper Hot Cups

Moms and dads! Holiday alert! Another kid-friendly holiday is approaching—Easter! For kids, Easter means egg hunts and other festivities. For moms and dads, this also means a perfect opportunity for some easy and eco-friendly art projects. Project Paper Cup presents, Easter-inspired paper cup crafts.

For this project, we will be using a particular kind of paper cup—hot cups. Gather as many used hot cups as you can and bring out your art supplies including some scissors, glue, stapler, pink felt paper, white chenille stems, small pom-poms and wiggle eyes (you can get these from the nearby craft store). If you cannot find mini pom-poms, you can cut out thin strips of crepe paper and use this as a substitute for colored pom-poms. You can also use cotton balls to replace white pom-poms.

For this eco-friendly Easter art project, we will be making an Easter bunny. This is an easy project so you can make as many as you can—the more recycled hot cups you can collect, the better!

Start by cutting two ovals from the pink felt paper. This will be the bunny’s ears. Make sure to trim one side of the oval so it will be squared off at the bottom. You also can cut smaller ovals from another felt paper of a different color and then glue these on top of the bigger ones. Attach these to the back rim of the hot cup with a stapler. Next, cut the white chenille stems into two short pieces. These will serve as the whiskers. Glue these to the hot cup as well as the pink pom-pom on top so this will serve as the nose. Finally, glue the white pom-pom to the back of the cup to create a cotton tail. You can now fill it with candy treats for Easter.

Happy Easter!