Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paper Hot Cups As Marketing Tools

In this day and age, being an entrepreneur means being resourceful when it comes to marketing and advertising your brand. Of course, there still is the traditional marketing media but the cost is high and the competition is stiff. If you are a small to medium entrepreneur with a small to medium marketing budget, here is an idea for you—use paper hot cups as a marketing tool. Paper hot cups are relatively low cost marketing items, especially if you purchase in bulk. The composition of paper cups also makes it ideal for logo printing. Customizing paper cups is already a well-established technology and many paper hot cups manufacturers also offer customizing services. Additionally, paper hot cups are available in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can choose which cup matches your brand or business requirement. Because paper hot cups are used widely and not only in the food services industry, it has great potential for reaching out to a wider market. With a customized paper hot cup, your brand can penetrate all market levels. After all, drinking from a paper hot cup is a universal act which transcends socio-economic ranks. Whether in the office or for home use during parties or picnics, paper hot cups are essential convenience supplies.

Customized paper hot cups may also be used as giveaways. Customers always appreciate freebies but they appreciate it even more when they are given functional freebies. Aside from marketing and advertising, paper hot cups may also be used as tools for promotion. For example, use specially printed paper hot cups as requisite items to claim a special prize or to receive a free item.

If you are concerned about the “eco-friendliness” of using a paper hot cup as a marketing tool, you can also use this as a business opportunity to encourage your customers to recycle. For example, come up with a promotion wherein customers can return your used customized paper hot cups and they will be rewarded accordingly for doing so. Aside from being corporately responsible, you are also building a positive image for your brand.