Saturday, November 26, 2011

New And Easy Paper Napkin Folding Techniques

If you have used up all the paper napkin folding techniques we’ve shared with you, worry not. We’re back with more!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve got the perfect techniques to add a little art to your dinner table. If you cannot afford to have customized beverage napkins printed out, these simple techniques are the perfect alternative.

1. The Ruffle Fold. Don’t be limited to white napkins (although white is easiest to find and pair with) in your choice of dinner or beverage napkins. Place the napkin in a diamond shape. Make sure that the open corner paints are facing up. Fold the first layer of the top point down so that it meets at the bottom point. Now, take the same top layers and pleat it four times. Pick up the second layer of the top point and do the same. Pleat it four times. For the final step, rotate the napkin in a 90 degrees angle. Fold the bottom half back and away from you.

2. The Shell Fold. We start again with a diamond shape, this time with the open corners facing down. Beginning at the bottom, pick up the first layer of the dinner or beverage napkin and bring it up to meet the top point. Now, bring the second layer of the bottom to about one and a half inch from the top point. Repeat the procedure with the remaining layers. Make sure that they are equally spaced. Flip the napkin over. The point should be facing down. For the final step, fold the top right and left corners down so that they meet in the middle.

Have any paper napkin folding techniques of your own? Share it with us!

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