Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Restaurant Files: Branding Through Design

One of the most enduring ways to reinforce branding is to use visuals. Branding through design, however, is not just about aesthetic value; it is about subtle impact as well. Take the case of choosing a color scheme. Choosing a color scheme for your restaurant is not about picking your personal favorites. It’s about colors that can positively affect the mood and appetite of your diners. Avoid blue, purple and black as these are deemed unappetizing hues, unless it is a necessary aspect of your over-all design. In which case, use it in moderation. On the contrary, red, green, orange and brown are known to stimulate the appetite so you may want to incorporate these colors into your design aesthetic. When designing your restaurant materials including your custom beverage napkins, your custom cups and your customized utensils, choose a color scheme and keep it unified.

Another branding essential is your logo. A logo should be something your customers can easily associate your name to. An effective logo should be enough to create brand awareness. Again, a logo is not just about artistic value. First and foremost, it should be unique. It should not share any similarities with other businesses (especially food businesses) because it will confuse your customers. A logo should also match the over-all concept of your food establishment. The branding message should be consistent. For example, if your restaurant is more upscale, your logo should be more simple and elegant. If your business is more informal and playful, your logo should reflect that too, with more graphics and more vibrant colors. Make sure that your logo is also visible in your supplies, not just in your restaurant’s exterior. It should be on your custom beverage napkins as well as on your plates, cups and utensils. The more they see it, the more lasting your branding message will be.

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