Friday, December 16, 2011

Restaurant Files: Branding Through Design (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about tips to brand your food business through design. This week, we are back with more ideas on how to establish or reinforce branding through design. Remember what we said about color? Choose wisely because colors can affect your diners’ moods. So you’ve got your design and color coordinated custom beverage napkins and your other custom restaurant supplies. Great. Don’t forget to incorporate your logo and your design scheme to your exteriors. For example, walls with wood molding and painted in dark, rich colors (maroon or dark brown) can help you create a relaxed and intimate ambiance. Meanwhile, bright colors will help you capture that fun and festive vibe. Your tabletops, your lighting fixtures, your outdoor sign and even your wall hangings should all reflect what your food business is all about. But all these are just the tip of the iceberg. What about your slogan and your front liners?

Let’s start with slogans. You definitely don’t want something that’s too “sell out.” A bad slogan may seem funny and may even help people remember you but it won’t make them diners. And it can hurt your reputation in the long run, which then defeats the purpose of branding your food business. Your slogan should say something about your USP, or your unique selling point. Take the case of Burger King. Their slogan, “Have it your way”, does not talk about how great their burgers are. It tells customers that at Burger King, unlike in any other fast food chains, you can have your burger the way you really want it. It’s also reflective of the kind of customer service you can expect from them.

Now on to your front liners. Odd as it may seem, the “face” of your business is part of your over-all design. It does not have to be a real person like a celebrity. It can be a mascot or a fictional character that personifies your restaurant’s image. If you do decide on having a “face” for your business, make sure that it is also incorporated in your custom beverage napkins, outdoor signs, as well as in all of your supplies and decors.

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