Monday, December 24, 2012

Cupdepot’s Special Year End Promo

It’s 2013! Well, almost. In just a few more days, the year that we know as 2012 is finally gone. Everyone will be starting new lives, pretending to do their resolutions until they eventually fall back into the same daily cycle that they have. It’s the usual year end hype when everything is designed for change. While everyone else worries what they will do the next year, Cupdepot is here to offer cafes, small restaurants and coffee shops as sweet deal as they enter the new year. Instead of worrying so much about the rising costs and expenses, how about something to help every start-up company build their foundation?

With this special promo from Cupdepot, every café, coffee shop or restaurant will have a chance to save a lot of money before they officially open their books again for the next year.

How about saving $50? That’s a huge amount to save for every start-up business. And Cupdepot is prepared to offer you that opportunity! Just before the start of the brand new year, you can save up to $50 if you buy a total of $500 from Cupdepot. And if you’re preparing for the (hopefully) good business for next year, then you really need a lot of supplies from Cupdepot. Instead of buying from different suppliers, get all of your needed equipment and supplies from Cupdepot and enjoy the huge savings!


What are you waiting for? Because this is a huge promo from Cupdepot, it is only available for a limited period. Until December 31, 2012, you can still avail of this $50 saving as long as you purchase $500 worth of supplies. Not only is this an amazing year-ender gift, it’s also a great opportunity for those who need to restock on their supplies for the New Year.

This is it guys! Start buying!

But – oh wait! There’s more!

If you thought saving $50 was already enough, then you’re wrong. Apparently, Cupdepot is truly bent on helping you save a lot of money this New Year and the savings is never really enough.

For those who really want to save up on their capital for next year, you’ll be ecstatic to know that aside from the savings, you’ll also get free shipping! Yes, that’s right! Free shipping!

Every restaurant or café shop would know that the shipping fees can be a hefty price to pay, especially if you plan on ordering a lot of supplies for the New Year. However, if you order from Cupdepot, they are willing to slash off the whole amount for your shipping! That’s around another $100+ off your total amount! What a way to start the New Year!

So, what are you waiting for? Start picking your supplies and enjoy this year-ender promo from Cupdepot.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Food Containers and Where to Get Them

Christmas is the time for food. Some people say that if you don’t gain a few pounds over the holidays, then you’re doing something wrong! During this special time of the year, every house is packed with food for the holidays – ranging from celebratory dishes to grand boxes of wine. It’s definitely the best time to pack yourself with as much food as you can – without feeling guilty! At this time of the year, you can even get your own personalized napkins to accompany your delicious journey through different dishes, parties and meals.

However, because you have a gazillion food at home, there’s always that possibility that you could end up wasting a lot of it because the kids have refused to eat them. Or maybe, there are the extra cookies that you baked especially for your neighbors across the street. When this happens and you need to bring food over to another house, you’ll need some special containers to keep the food as fresh as possible.

This is what Karat Paper Food Containers are for. Instead of using plates or risking your good China to deliver food to your next door neighbor, you can use the paper food containers for safe keeping and fresh deliveries. In this special discounted rate from Cupdepot, you can get a case of the paper food containers for as low as $59! That’s definitely a great steal, especially if you have a lot of food deliveries to your friends and family.

You can choose from the different sizes of the Karat paper food container - 12 oz, 16 oz or 20 oz cup sizes. If you’ll only be delivering smaller amounts of food, you can also get the 4 oz, 5 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz cups. With the variety of sizes available, this paper food container is the ideal choice for delivering food as gifts to your loved ones. And if you’re selling goodies, these containers will also be perfect for storing pastries and cakes. At least, if your customer decides to give the food to a friend or relative, they won’t have to look for a good container to deliver the food.

One pack consists of 500 – 1000 pieces of these paper food containers. For coffee shops or cafés, this will definitely be a good investment. After all, even if the season is over, you can still use the containers for many other things.

Karat offers its buyers with a good selection of colors for their containers. Available in pink, orange, green, white or yellow, you can pick the perfect color to represent your shop. If you’re an eco-friendly business, Karat also has a dedicated paper food container especially for you.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season Cupdepot Promos

As a smart businessman, it is up to you to be resourceful when you’re looking for the best places to get your supplies. You have to be meticulous, smart and you need to see whether or not you can afford the rates and prices of the supplier.

Unfortunately, at a time like this when everything is expensive because it’s peak season, it can be hard to find a supplier who will give businessmen, restaurant owners and café owners a break. It’s a good thing Cupdepot is around. Not only are they prepared to give affordable premium beverage napkins, they are also holding a few promos that will definitely benefit businessmen – specifically restaurant and coffee shop owners.

In this special promo from Cupdepot, they offer mostly coffee shop owners or cafes a few supplies that may benefit their operations.

One of these supplies under a special Christmas promo is their Karat PP Clear Cup. For a café, it is important that they serve water to their customers. Once in awhile, customers will ask for water and they can use these clear cups to serve it. This is why it’s important to have a good selection of clear cups at your disposal. At $89 per case, you can get as much as 600 cups! And that’s a lot of cups for such a low price.

Another Christmas promo for cafes and coffee shops is their Karat Hot Cups. Hot cups are essential if you’ll be serving hot coffee or tea. You’ll need these kinds of cups if you don’t want to cause any accidents in your restaurants. If you want to be extra safe, you can also buy cup jackets for extra protection. Hot cups can be bought at $48 per 1000 cups (if you buy 6 cases). That’s a pretty neat deal, especially if you’re anticipating twice the amount of customers this Christmas.

You can also get affordable Karat Portion cup and lids from Cupdepot’s Christmas sale. For a café, this might be an essential supply, especially if you make your own desserts. At the price of $35 per 2500 pcs (5 packs), it is definitely a sweet deal. This cup and lid pack will suit small cakes and desserts.

Cupdepot also has beverage napkins on sale as well. Because these are made of fine material, you won’t have to worry about easy tears from using these napkins. Along with these promo items, Cupdepot is still holding a free shipping promo for all its customers. Yes, that’s right! Free shipping! That’s another few hundred bucks to tick off your list of expenses. While the promo is still ongoing, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to get your supplies without paying for the hefty shipping fees! Enjoy Christmas season with more profit and less expenses!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Special Deals

As a supplier for all things premium paper and plastic, Cupdepot can provide anyone willing to start their own restaurant or coffee shop with the start up supplies that they need. Because Cupdepot is a veteran in the business of supplying restaurants and cafes, they know just what business owners need at a time like this.

Christmas is a merry season for almost everyone. Time to buy gifts for your loved ones. Time to expect gifts from your loved ones. It’s a time when you know you can earn a lot if you’re running a business. Unfortunately, if your business highly depends on the rates and prices of their suppliers, it may be a little hard to ensure the increase of profit at a time like this.

Fortunately for restaurant and coffee shop owners, Cupdepot is not one to miss out on all the fun of sales and discounts. In this special promo, Cupdepot makes things a little easier for businessmen.

1. First of all, customers of Cupdepot will be able to enjoy free shipping of their items! Whether it may be for custom beverage napkins, new cups, bamboo plates or any other type of supplies – they can get their items shipped straight to their doorstep for free. And this is a good thing because shipping fees can get very steep, especially if you buy in bulk. It’s another excess fee that owners have to think of when they buy their supplies. But because they are guaranteed free shipping this Christmas season, they can finally relax and keep the extra earnings for themselves. It is a good season, after all.

2. Hot cup bundles are also on sale! If you’re starting a coffee shop, or maybe entering a new portion of your restaurant’s services, then these hot cup bundles may just be the supplies you need. Hot cups are the supplies recommended to serve coffee to go. Since people can’t exactly carry hot coffee in a mug, nor carry plastic or bamboo cups without getting burned, hot cups are used to protect them from the heat – at least as much as possible. With the help of hot cup jackets, these are definitely the supplies for hot coffee. For as low as $104 per bundle, you can get a good set of these hot cups straight to your doorstep. You can also get cups at 12 or 24 oz, depending on your requirements. Cups are available in generic or white designs with black or white lids.

3. This sale also allows customers to avail of premium beverage napkins at only $35.95 per case. This is a good sale because premium napkins can be quite expensive. But when you run a restaurant or a coffee shop, you really need an endless supply of napkins. While you can definitely buy cheaper napkins, they won’t be made out of premium materials. Cheap napkins break easily and you won’t be able to use them to clean tables. Premium napkins can be printed on and you can definitely be sure that they won’t tear easily.

Monday, November 26, 2012

8 Supplies You Can Buy On Sale

Looking for things you can buy to avail of the $20 slashed off sale? Look no more! Here’s a list of things you can buy to make up that $200 cut off and get $20 discount.

Custom napkins on sale!

1. Napkins – every restaurant needs napkins. What food business doesn’t need something to keep their customers’ clean, right? Now, the question is – what kind of napkins do you need? Would you require custom beverage napkins? Do you need 1-ply or 2-ply napkins? The amount you’ll be spending on napkins will really depend on how many you’ll take. If you’ll be buying more than the usual amount, you can ask customer service for special discounts as well.

2. Cold cups – what restaurant will last without cups? None. Every restaurant needs something to give their customers when they ask for water or whatever kind of drink. Even food trucks need to provide cups to their customers. Will you be getting plastic cups? Or will translucent cups be sufficient?

3. Hot cups – coffee is something almost every restaurant should have. Coffee is part of almost every human being’s day. If you don’t have hot cups, you need to have something that can withstand the heat of coffee. Cold plastic cups don’t work, so hot cups are usually made of fiber, special paper or bamboo. You may need special handles as well.

4. Tableware – when serving food to your customers, what will you need? Do you need actual plates? If you happen to work for food trucks, food boxes may also work because they can be taken out of the place to eat, depending on where the customer wants to eat. You can get fiber plates, bamboo bowls or even those divided into sections for variation and easy food arrangement.

5. Straws – not everyone will drink straight out of the cup. Many of your customers will eventually look for straws to drink their beverages. You’ll need a stack of straws just in case.

6. Utensils – how can any food business work without the right utensils? Yes, you’ll need the usual set – fork, spoon, knife for your daily operations. The question is – what kind would you need? Do you need colored or plastic utensils? Or would you prefer heavy-weight utensils? Depending on your menu, you might need soup spoons and gelato spoons, as well.

7. Coffee supplies – now if you’re also serving coffee in your restaurant, you’ll also need a few coffee supplies that includes carrier trays, cup jackets, dispensers and cup organizers.

8. Paper towels – besides the things you need for your customers, you’ll also need a few supplies for your kitchen as well. Paper towels allow you to clean up your kitchen without too much of a hassle. You’ll need a roll of this if you want to keep a clean kitchen.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Sale at Cupdepot!

Is your restaurant currently preparing for Thanksgiving? Then you definitely have to participate in this week’s special sale!

Thanksgiving is a very expensive holiday. People go out to buy stuff to cook at home, they’ll look for different things to decorate their home and make the most of the holiday. However, there are also those families who have no idea how to cook so they end up in fancy restaurants instead where they can get the best meals cooked by experienced chefs. It may be less effort, but at least they’re sure that no one would get hurt or badly harmed from the wrong ingredients or trying out the wrong food.

Anyway, in occasions like Thanksgiving, restaurants have to be prepared for the rush of families. They need to have sufficient cups, plates, personalized napkins and other equipment to satisfy the need of their customers. It will be pretty expensive. But if you’re buying supplies from an affordable restaurant supplies store like Cupdepot, then you can save some money preparing for Thanksgiving.

On this special occasion, Cupdepot offers their customers something to thank them for their loyalty. With this week’s promo, customers who buy more than $200 or more can get up to $20 off their total purchase! Now, if you happen to be buying in bulk for the Thanksgiving rush, this will definitely be helpful for your budget. In order to avail this special treat, all you need to do is add “THANKS20” during check out and the amount will automatically be slashed off your total bill.

Good enough for you? We bet it is, after all, some restaurant supplies can be pretty expensive to buy during special occasions.

If you really want to make up for the Thanksgiving expenses that your restaurant will make during the day, you need to know how you can save. Besides buying cups, plates and custom beverage napkins in wholesale months before the event (which may be a little impractical for smaller restaurants), special sales from Cupdepot is your best bet to cutting back on the expenses.

If you’re buying more than $200 worth of cup bundles, napkins, straws, food containers and coffee supplies, you can even save up to $40 or more! $40 is quite a lot of money to save, especially on Thanksgiving when every other restaurant needs to stock up on supplies as well.

Don’t miss out on this special Thanksgiving sale. What are you waiting for? Head on over to Cupdepot and check out the things you might need for your restaurant. Don’t forget! In order to avail of the special discount, you need to type the words: THANKS20 into the coupon code bar to get the amount slashed off.

Monday, November 12, 2012

4 Special Events That Could Use Personalized Supplies

As an event planner, you need to know how to use your creativity to plan unique and special events. One of the best ways to make an event unique is to order inexpensive personalized cocktail napkins for use during the event. However, not every occasion requires specially printed napkins, especially because these can be quite costly.

Unless you’re planning any of these special events below, you may have to focus your creativity on other party planning ideas.

personalized custom beverage napkins

If you happen to be planning one of these events, here are some ways you can use personalized supplies to make your client’s experience unique.

1. Weddings

There’s nothing like custom beverage napkins with the bride and groom’s faces on it on a wedding day. It may be cheesy, but it’s one way to remind everyone that it’s their day. And if that’s not the print that they want, the couple can always think of other things to print on their wedding supplies. For example, they could have special quotes from their vows printed on utensils. They can have nuptial photos printed on souvenirs like cups and mugs. Because getting printed supplies for weddings is not an uncommon practice, you can even negotiate prices with the printing company for smaller weddings.

2. Debuts

On the other hand, debuts are even more grandeur, especially for high-society communities. On the day a young woman turns 18, she has to dress up pretty and perform in front of a whole audience. Other traditions allow young women to celebrate their debuts with a bunch of other celebrants. For high class events like these, elegant, printed napkins are a definite must-have. There won’t be any colorful prints or grand images, but since the event will require delicate China, it’s only fitting that the utensils are matched with high-class, event-appropriate accessories.

3. Restaurants

Have you heard of a restaurant that doesn’t have its own personalized supplies? Most restaurants that want to survive the business have to invest in its own supplies. If they haven’t started printing plates and cups, they will have to do it soon because getting people to see their logo is part of the branding process. Restaurants usually aim for customized plates, cups, utensils and even personalized napkins. Bigger restaurants and franchises need these personalized supplies for marketing and branding purposes.

4. Children’s Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun to plan. If you’re aiming for Disney or cartoon themes for the party, then you can definitely count on personalized supplies to keep the kids entertained. Some stores sell ready-made printed cups and plates for special occasions. But if your client wants a different kind of design, you can always get a supplier of affordable cups and plates to help you print the designs you want.

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Attract Customers on Election

Election is coming up! Because everyone will be out on this day of election, it’s a great way to market to your customers and keep them in your restaurant. If you want to start branding your restaurant, the election is a great day to do it. So how do you attract people to your restaurant on an important day like the election?

Food to Give Out on Election

1. Give out free food – who doesn’t love free food? And on a day of democracy and at a time when the people can finally voice out who they want to lead, free food is a great way to participate and be patriotic. Of course you don’t have to give out full course meals, but small finger food is a great way to get a lot of attention to your customers. Besides, what’s a few pigs in a blanket to keep them all interested? If you have custom beverage napkins, print your restaurant’s logo and the election badge for a little marketing and patriotism.

2. Set up a huge wide screen with news on the election – everyone wants to watch the election! Even if they are there in your restaurant, keep them updated with what’s happening by setting up a huge screen with the news and results. They won’t be able to stray their eyes away from the screen. And they’ll probably end up staying longer than they originally wanted to because you have the results they need right there for them to see. As the votes go up and down for each candidate, you can enjoy watching everyone’s reaction.

3. Set up tables and booths for the electoral candidates – just to give your guests an idea about who they are voting for, set up booths and tables especially dedicated to the candidates. Post newspaper clips and articles for each of them. Set up small flags and pins for each of them in their own booth. Chances are, people will be so curious that they’ll end up stopping beside the booth once in awhile. Not only will you be influencing some people, but you’ll also give them a chance to get to know the candidates more. If you set up these booths a week before the elections, you could get more attention too.

4. Set up freedom boards – people simply like to speak up. On election day, set up a freedom board for your guests to air out their thoughts and feelings. Have a white board set up next to the screens and keep some white board pens laid out for those who want to write. Election is a day to tell everyone who you want to lead. Give everyone a chance to say what they really want to say.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Tips for Your Restaurant

It’s Halloween everyone! Time to bring out the pumpkins, red juices for blood and delicious, creepy bat cookies that everyone secretly loves. Yes, it’s that time of the year again when you can be outwardly creative with the food you serve. And no one will mind because you’re actually doing it because of an event.

To celebrate the event with the rest of the country, here are some Halloween ideas that you can use for your restaurant.

Scary Food

Scary Food

Ah, who doesn’t like scary food on Halloween? Don’t let your dessert chef miss out on the fun of designing gross cupcakes, it’s always the bestsellers at this time of the year. Some popular Halloween food from last year includes skeleton cupcakes where you can use licorice, pretzels and marshmallows to make up the skeletons, gingerbread cookies which are always a classic for Halloween events and spaghetti topped with the words “boo” made out of cheese. Scary? Cute! Especially on a special holiday like Halloween.

Printed Scary Supplies

If you’ll be serving scary food, you also have to make everything else look scary. It’s just once a year, so splurge a little to give your customers a nasty, but fun surprise. Take the time to print scary images on your custom beverage napkins. Maybe use images of body parts? Of course, it’ll be gross. But people like grossing themselves out, especially during Halloween. You can also upgrade your logo to look extra scary on Halloween. Google does this to their logo every year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do too. Print special paper cups and plates for the holiday and serve food using those special plates. Your restaurant will be extra scary if you convince people with scary supplies.

Halloween Cups

Decorate the Restaurant

Now it’s time to decorate the restaurant. This is the fun part for the people who don’t work in the kitchen. Decorating the restaurant is a lot of work. You can set your own theme, but if you’ll be going for a traditional Halloween, images and statues like the Scare face, lighted pumpkins and fake skeletons are always popular. Spider webs may be icky, so you need to be sure that they are plastic and not in any way real or in danger of breaking the health food code. Maybe you can even rent Halloween costumes for the waiters!

Halloween is a holiday for many people. Make the most of it by giving your customers something they’d enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Creating a Catering Business – Will it Work for You?

Businesses aren’t easy to put up. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean that your business will work out well for you. This is the same with a catering business. It’s not about the money, but more on the experience and how well you can handle the business. So before you take on a catering business of your own, you need to know if this business is right for you.


How do you know if a catering business will work well for you? Here are some things you need to have in order to make a catering business work.

1. Love for food and cooking

Are you starting a catering business just for the money? You’ll probably strike out after a few years. But if you actually love food and cooking, you’ll go farther than you ever thought you would. Your business should rely heavily on your passion. If you are passionate and cooking and providing good food, then catering is definitely a business that you can thrive on in the future. Liking food is not enough. If you really want to make your catering business last, loving the art of cooking will also be helpful.

2. Good at food and cooking

Well, if you love cooking, you’re definitely a good candidate for a catering business. However, are you actually GOOD at cooking? Because love isn’t enough when you’re in a business. Cooking is a skill and if you cannot produce delicious food, it might be easier to get a different chef to partner up with or at least, get more experience in cooking better food.

3. Experience

As a head chef, it’s always best to have experience in different kinds of food. If you’re in a catering business, there’s a big possibility that you’ll be cooking for different people who have different tastes. Be open to other cuisines. Test your skills and abilities. The more experience you have, the better for your business. Besides, you can’t just cook one dish for every catering job you have.

4. Business-minded

You also need to be business minded to make this work. Do you even want your own business? Are you even ready for all the responsibilities? Businesses are a lot of hard work and you need to be dedicated to your craft. If you really want a business, then go for it. But if you only love cooking, then you need someone who actually loves and understands businesses to make the other half of your business work. There’s a whole other side of business like buying equipment, getting printed plates, custom beverage napkins and ensuring that your supplies are all marked for your business. If you have no idea about this side of your company, partner up with someone who does. This way, you can focus on your cooking, and they can focus on the business.

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Start Your Own Catering Business

Are you ready to branch out into the catering industry? If a restaurant is not your type of food business, then maybe owning a catering business will be slightly easier. Without all the expenses and physical maintenance required by a restaurant, a catering business should be as stressful, but possibly less expensive than owning a restaurant.

Catering for Events

How do you start your own catering business?

1. Research, research, research.

You cannot start any business without doing any research. You should be open to doing some research first before you even display a sign outside your house that you do catering. If you don’t, you might end up undermining the business of catering. If you really want to know what it’s like to cater, you should get your own experience first. When it comes to catering, there are a lot of jobs to fulfill. You need to know what these jobs are so you can be prepared. A good catering business usually takes on the serving and preparation of food. What else does it involve? By doing a thorough research on the industry, you would know what to expect from owning a catering business.

2. Logistics and expenses

Once you have an idea of the things you need and the things that need to be done, you can now start planning the things you will need. First of all, you need a kitchen to cook the food. Do you have your own licensed kitchen? Do you have enough space for 3 – 5 chefs running around trying to get everything done. Do you have the equipment to make the food? Besides that, you’ll also need to consider everything outside too. Do you have waiters and waitresses? Do you have the money to print your own custom beverage napkins? Buy nice plates and utensils? Do you have the platters and huge bowls to serve the food during the event? If not, then you will need to rent.

3. Packaging

Now, when you have the prices all worked out, you need to create your own packages to be presented to the customers. Create a package for a wedding event or maybe an evening celebration. Make a package for budgeted events. Create another for splurge packages. The more choices you can give your customers, the better for your business.

4. Contacts and networking

Once you have everything settled, you need to get your customers. How? By networking, you can tell everyone about your business. Go to weddings. Meet event and wedding planners, because they are really helpful when it comes to finding you business. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy for industries like catering. Get people to know your business by giving them a business card. Even if you’re a start-up, you can get quick business by giving people your business card.

Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Things a Restaurant Cannot Work Without

Who knew building a restaurant is so hard, right? Well, it is. And before you open up your restaurant, you should know the 5 things that your restaurant will never survive without.


1. Tableware – will always be the most important factor of any restaurant. Even if you’re only handling a food truck business, you’ll still need the right type of tableware. Now, before you go off choosing just about any kind of tableware for your restaurant, you need to consider a few things. One, always know the place and location of your restaurant. If you happen to be serving in front of a building without any concrete restaurant, you might want to settle on paper cups and plates. You can also choose to have fiber plates or boxes if the customers will be taking their food to go. However, if you have your own place to eat at, you can buy good tableware to use and re-use.

2. Utensils and accessories – if tableware is important to a restaurant’s everyday functions, so are the utensils and accessories. Tableware and most utensils usually come together. But if you want to establish your brand, you can also choose to have custom beverage napkins made and print logos on your utensils. You can have your tableware printed too, but of course, that may be a little more expensive.

3. Kitchen equipment – no restaurant can survive without the right equipment. A restaurant cannot serve without tableware and utensils. But if you don’t have any equipment to cook in, you might as well not run a restaurant too. Buy safe kitchen equipment for your staff. If you want them to cook well, you might as well give them the best equipment to use.

Tables and Chairs

4. Tables and chairs – even most food trucks have plastic tables and chairs for their customers. People like to eat sitting down so it’s always a good idea to have something prepared for your customers. Plastic tables and chairs are okay for smaller food businesses. But if you’re hoping to sell food with a more expensive price and taste, then you should be able to provide your customers with a good atmosphere too. Creating a comfortable environment for your customers is always a good addition for your restaurant’s reputation.

5. Other supplies – besides the essentials, you’ll also need other supplies that may be beneficial to the processes of your restaurant. Things such as tissues, paper towels, soap or tissue dispensers will also be helpful in running your restaurant.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Characteristics of a Good Restaurant

It’s really hard to build your own restaurant. There are several factors that you have to consider in order to make sure that you run a good restaurant. If you want to run a good restaurant, you need to ensure that it has these 10 characteristics.

what makes a good restaurant?

1. Delicious food – every restaurant needs to be able to serve good food. The basis of their success is highly dependent on how good the food is. If they can ensure delicious food for their customers, then the restaurant is on their way to success. In order to know if the food you serve is delicious, it’s always best to get a second opinion from random people. That way, you get actual reviews without any biased opinions.

2. Long list of food – sometimes having a variety of food to serve is better than a limited menu. If a customer doesn’t like one dish, they can always pick out another dish.

3. Courteous customer service – in a restaurant, the product (or food) is the cream of the crop. But without good customer service, it will not last long. The whole staff has to be courteous, friendly and helpful so that the customers will feel invited and comfortable within the restaurant. If you can pull off both good food and customer service, you can be sure that your restaurant will last for many years.

4. Affordable prices – if you have a middle-range market, you cannot serve food with sky-high prices. They have to be affordable enough so that the people in the community will be able to afford your food. Otherwise, you’re looking forward to many days of no customers.

5. Cleanliness – restaurants go through health checks regularly. If your restaurant cannot pass a monthly health and security check, you’ll be forced to close your business. Besides, no one likes a dirty restaurant. Even if it’s not time for the health inspector to come along, the restaurant should always be spotlessly clean.

6. Something different – it can be hard for a restaurant to stand out among the crowd. If you really want to attract people to your restaurant, give them something different. Give them a unique experience.

7. Comfortable and beautiful surroundings – restaurants have to make their customers comfortable. They can do this by creating a comfy atmosphere within the restaurant. They can use a theme, maybe even decorate the place.

8. Branding – if a restaurant wants to go big, they have to start branding themselves. Use custom beverage napkins or printed plates so that people will recognize their logo. They should be open to marketing their restaurant so they can reach more people.

9. Safe kitchen equipment – it’s not just about the customers. Restaurants also have to make sure that their staff is safe. Having safe kitchen equipment is essential to ensuring the safety of those who work in the kitchen.

10. On time service – no customer likes waiting for their food. It’s important that a restaurant limits the time they have for cooking so that they don’t keep the customers waiting. However, they also have to make sure that they’re not sacrificing quality as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Order Custom Beverage Napkins for Your Restaurant

Are you ready to take your restaurant into the next stage? Do you think you’re ready to start branding your restaurant? If you are, then you’re probably considering getting custom beverage napkins especially for your restaurant. These napkins are very important because every customer gets to use them every time they eat at the restaurant. Every time they use the napkin, they get to see your brand – giving their brain a chance to process and establish the restaurant’s image into their minds. So how do you get your restaurant the napkins that will benefit their future?

custom beverage napkins

1. Develop a design

First, you need to develop a design for your napkins. If you’re not that good with graphics, you may have to hire someone who can draw for you. Keep the design simple, but catchy so that the customers won’t have a hard time processing your logo. They’ll only see the logo for a few seconds so you have to make it count. The easier your logo is to look at, the easier you can brand your restaurant. Don’t forget to add your contact details in your design. Use your website or a phone number at least.

2. Choose a supplier

Now that you have a design, you need a supplier who will process your orders. You can choose to go with a printing press at the mall or find a good restaurant supplier online that can print napkins as well. Online suppliers are usually cheaper, so you might want to canvass different companies to work with.

3. Choose the type of napkins

If you have a supplier already, you can now move onto the next step – choosing the type of napkins to print on. Do you want 2-ply napkins? 3-ply? Or is 1-ply napkins good enough? Would you prefer to have eco-friendly printed napkins? Remember, if you choose eco-friendly napkins, you’ll definitely get a lot of support from eco-friendly organizations.

4. Decide on an amount

Before you start this process, you should already have an estimated guess of how many packs/napkins to print. If you’re on a trial basis, you might want to print half the amount of napkins you use in a week or two. This way, you can change after a short period of time. Otherwise, you need to have a lot of napkins printed – maybe even for a month. Your restaurant will appear inconsistent if you run out of napkins during the third week of the month.

5. Decide on the day and event to release your personalized napkins

Once you have the real, personalized napkins for your restaurant, you have to make a big deal out of it so people will notice. Offer a promo for that day. Give people discount cards. Get people interested so they’ll come to your restaurant. After this day, you shouldn't have any lapses when it comes to napkins. Have your supplier print a new set every third week of the month so your next month will be covered well before the deadline.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building a Coffee Shop: 10 Things You Need

Before you officially open up your coffee shop, make sure that you have these 10 things first:

paper cups

1. Paper cups – this is absolutely essential. Coffee shops always have to be prepared for customers who might have to take their coffee to go. When this happens, paper cups are the best way to go. If you’re aiming high, look for a company that can customize your cups. This way, you get to brand your coffee shop even at its early stages.

2. Paper cup jackets – if people will be taking out their coffees, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to hold it, especially if the coffee is too hot. This is why you need a selection of paper cup jackets. Just like your cups, you can get these jackets printed too. Having cup jackets allow the customer to protect themselves from getting burned while holding the cup. If you plan to satisfy customers with their to-go orders, cup jackets are a must.
custom printed cup jackets

3. Cup organizer – your kitchen has to be organized. This way, you know the sizes of your coffee and you can pick out the cup well. Choose a cup organizer that can hold the different sizes of cups.

4. Stir straws – another important coffee shop supply that you definitely need. Stir straws are essential to customers who like to add sugar and milk into their coffee. They use these flattened straws to stir their coffee. Set the stir straws in a public area where customers can just get it themselves.

5. Napkins – everyone needs napkins with their coffee. Have custom beverage napkins available for your customers in a set table, along with stir straws. Whenever they need napkins, they can just pick it out of a dispenser.

custom beverage napkins
get custom beverage napkins

6. Carrier with trays – some people are asked to go on coffee runs with many people. Obviously, they can’t hold two or more cups at one time. This is why trays were invented. Customers can now buy more than one coffee without worrying how to carry them. Have a stack of carrier trays available just in case.

7. Dispensers for coffee supplies – it can be messy if you leave stir straws and napkins without a proper dispenser. Buy a specific dispenser for these supplies and just restock them at the end of every day.

8. Mugs – if you have to-go customers, then there’s a big possibility that you’ll also have customers who’ll stay for awhile. Use mugs to serve coffee to them.

9. Cup lids – these are for to-go customers. It’s important that they don’t spill any of the coffee that they’re buying. In order to prevent any spillages, have a good set of cup lids for your paper cups. Make sure that the lids can hold tight so that they won’t easily open up or have coffee slipping through cracks.

coffee spoons

10. Spoons – sometimes the stir straws just aren’t enough. You should also have a set of spoons if one of your customers needs one for their coffee.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is just like any other business. You also have to find ways to advertise and promote your restaurant in order to make sure that you have a steady stream of customers. If no one knows about your restaurant, it might end up making not as much as you thought it would. In the end, the success of your restaurant depends on how good you are in promoting it.

custom beverage napkins
get people to recognize your brand

So, if you really want to market your restaurant, here are some ideas you can use:

Traditional Marketing

When it comes to marketing a restaurant, traditional marketing is still a good way to advertise your food and special offerings. If you have enough money, a small commercial can help you to immediately get the word out to people. Thousands of people watch television every day and a single exposure like that can already bring in a lot of benefits for your restaurant. A week-long of exposure will already give you a lot of advantage over other restaurants. Besides commercials, you can also buy advertisements from radio stations, giving you access to hundreds of listeners in your area. You can also buy tarpaulins for use in highways or buildings. For smaller scale traditional marketing, you can also put up posters in places with many people.

Online Marketing

Marketing online, on the other hand, is cheaper but allows you to reach further than you can with traditional marketing without a good budget. A good advertisement online can give you access to millions of users – around the world. But in order to do that, your marketing strategy has to be smart and consistent, otherwise, you could be attracting a market too far from your location.

Brand Your Restaurant

custom beverage napkins
custom beverage napkins

Branding is an important part of advertising a restaurant. Using custom made supplies for your restaurant allows you to give your restaurant its own name, something for them to remember, every time they see your logo. Buy custom beverage napkins or have printed cups and plates as your main restaurant supplies. If you have a good logo printed with your contact details on all of your supplies, people will notice your restaurant more.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Restaurant Checklist – Supplies You Need for Your Restaurant

Are you about to open your restaurant? If you are, then you’ll need to set up the ultimate restaurant checklist to help you make sure that you’re 100% ready for the opening. Here are some important supplies you might need before you open up shop.

cups for your restaurant

Plates and Cups

Your restaurant will never work without the right plates and cups. If you’re opening up a formal restaurant, then you might want to look for some expensive plates and cups to fill your closets. On the other hand, if you’ll be selling off finger foods, you can settle for paper plates and cups instead. Just make sure that the plates and cups that you buy for your restaurant will match the type of food you’re serving.

Utensils and Napkins

Besides plates and cups, you’ll also need a lot of utensils and napkins to finish off the things your guests will use. Utensils consist of forks, knives, spoons and even dessert utensils. You need to have a good set of these (remember to maintain uniformity in all of your supplies) utensils before you open up shop. Running out of these supplies will only slow you down. It’s best to have a good amount of utensils ready. Napkins are also important. Will you be getting custom beverage napkins? Because if you are, it is important to order the napkins a few weeks before the opening date of your restaurant. Personalized napkins take some time to prepare. If you’ll be buying in bulk, it’s best to have a good amount of it way before the opening date of your restaurant.

custom beverage napkins

Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

Now that you have a good checklist of the things your guests will use, it’s time to focus on the things your staff will use.

Kitchen equipment is very important when you’re opening up a restaurant. Do you have a good stove? A good microwave? Maybe an oven? You’ll also need to buy pots, pans, knives, spatulas, chopping boards, measuring cups, aprons, oven gloves, brushes and peels – everything that your staff might need in order to prepare the food. Not only is it important that you have a complete set of kitchen equipment and utensils, but you’ll also need to be sure that the equipment you use is safe and made out of good quality. You cannot put your guests at risk. If you don’t double check the safety and quality of your equipment, you could end up putting a lot of people in harm’s way.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Money Saving Tips on Buying Supplies for Restaurants

Opening up a new restaurant is not cheap. There are so many things to do and so many things to spend your money on that it is always important to find ways to save just to make sure that you don’t go over your budget. Since buying supplies is one of the most important parts of opening up a restaurant, there’s a big possibility that you’ll go over your targeted budget. In order to prevent that from happening, here’s some very important tips you can use to save money.

Buy in bulk

buy cups in bulk

One of the best ways to save money buying restaurant supplies is to buy in bulk. Buying a whole set of supplies guarantees you a good discount from your favorite supplies store. Just make sure that if you buy a one set of design, it should also be the same design that you buy the next time you need a new set. Having to change to different designs can be very confusing for the customers especially if you want to establish your brand.

Buy from an online store

Online stores sell their supplies at a cheaper price. If you decide to get custom beverage napkins, there’s a possibility that you might even get a cheaper rate compared to those with actual printing shops. Businesses online can afford to sell their supplies at a cheaper rate because they don’t have a lot of overhead costs to worry about. As long as you can find a good shop online to buy your supplies from, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

Choose a different brand

Contrary to what many believe, just because a brand is popular doesn’t make it the only choice for supplies. There are several brands out there for different napkins, plates, cups, plastic utensils and food containers. Even generic brands are strong enough to last some time. Do your research when it comes to the quality and materials of these brands. Some generic brands may be cheap, but counting them out of quality supplies may mean that you could lose an opportunity to save money on your restaurant supplies.

custom beverage napkins
custom beverage napkins on sale

Clearance sales

Just like all other items, once a restaurant supply shop goes on a clearance sale, all the prices go down. The only problem is, you won’t really know when the shop will hold a clearance sale. It’s best to keep a look out just in case there’s one near your area. Sales like these give you the opportunity to save as much as 70% off the original price. Now when it comes to setting up a restaurant, 70% is already a lot of savings.

If you’re thinking of buying wholesale restaurant supplies online, Cupdepot may have some good offers for you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do’s and Don’ts of Printing Restaurant Supplies

Do you own a restaurant? If you do, then you must’ve already thought of printing your own supplies for the restaurant. This is definitely a good idea. However, before you go on ahead printing custom beverage napkins and personalized cups and plates, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of printing restaurant supplies. Apparently, not all printing will lead to success for the restaurants image. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can use these personalized prints for a number of reasons.
printed cups

The list of important do’s

Do get your logo out in the open

When you’re printing your own restaurant supplies, make sure that you include your logo. What’s the point of printing out supplies if you’re not going to use it to brand your restaurant? Design the print to include the logo. Make sure your logo is aesthetic and easy to brand, so every time a customer sees it, they’ll remember your restaurant.

Do put your contact details

But don’t just put your logo, include your contact details too. If you want to create awareness for your brand, you might as well put your contact details to make it easy for anyone who may want to contact you. Even if they take home your napkins or cups, they’ll be able to contact you, no matter the reason.

Do use quality napkins

custom beverage napkins
custom beverage napkins

When you’re getting napkins printed for your restaurant, make sure that you use those made out of quality materials. 1-ply may just be too thin. Check out the material and type of napkin first before you do any printing. Thin napkins break easily and it won’t even last a meal. If you get quality napkins, people who take unused napkins home may be able to use them.

Do make sure you print enough

It’s not really nice to have the first 100 people use customized supplies and the next 100 use generic supplies. It doesn’t create brand awareness for your restaurant and customers might get confused. Even regular guests will notice the change. When you customize your supplies, continue printing until you have enough for a week or month.

Important don’ts to consider

Don’t overcrowd your design with unnecessary designs

In printing personalized restaurant supplies, make sure that you don’t overprint them. Having a complicated design will only confuse your customers. Make the design easy to see, without a lot of unnecessary decorations.

Don’t cut the budget on quality printing

When you’re printing supplies for your restaurant, you’re also building its image. If you cut the budget too much, you might end up with supplies that are made out of low quality. Low quality prints are usually those that don’t dry up well and the ink ends up dripping all over the cup or napkin. Definitely not good for your image.

When you’re ready to start building your restaurant’s image, make sure that you have a good budget ready. Also do your assignment and search for affordable, but good suppliers to print your supplies. The better the supplier, the better the quality.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Benefits of Ordering Your Own Customized Party Supplies

When you own a party planning business, you have to weigh a variety of decisions first before coming up with an actual plan for the party. While you need to make sure that you are living up to the client’s expectations, you also have to make sure that you can meet the provided budget. And when the client gives enough for customized party supplies, then you should definitely go for it. Why?

Although it may be quite expensive to customize your own beverage napkins, paper cups and paper plates, you and your business will definitely benefit from it.

custom beverage napkins
Printed cup from

You control the details of printing

In a way, printing custom beverage napkins and other supplies allows you to control the things to be printed out in your party supplies. This means that you don’t have to settle for plain cups, or buy those cheap, but ugly colored cups from your supplier. Instead, you can impress your client even more by giving her a fully customized party – up to the paper plates. Not only that, your supplier will always allow you to design your own prints so you can print different things per party supply.

Free advertising during the party

If you get to print your own customized party supplies, then it is also the time for you to take advantage of it. Since you will be able to choose what to print on the supplies, you can also take the time to advertise your own business. Instead of just putting some random designs on the party supplies, save a small part of the design for your business logo and contact details. After all, it is a party and anyone who uses the napkins, paper plates or cups will be able to see your details. Not only do you get to advertise for free during the party, your client will also enjoy the customized prints on their party supplies.

custom beverage napkins
themed birthday parties from

You can match the supplies to the party’s theme

Sometimes, it can be really hard to buy supplies for a specific type of theme. For example, if the kid’s party is supposed to focus on the Amazing Spider-Man, you may think twice about getting those huge red cups that look like they just came out of a summer party. Instead, you can create your own supplies with Spider-Man as the actual design. Not only will the kids love the designs, you clients will also be pleasantly surprised at the gesture.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Movies You Can Use as a Theme For a Children’s Party

Once upon a time, it was the latest toys that made a huge difference in a child’s party. If you get your kid a Lego box, they’ll greatly enjoy a Lego-themed party. If you buy your daughter a Barbie set, she’ll end up wishing that her birthday party was themed to Barbie and everything pink. This is how children usually are. Whatever they’re most interested in is what they want to have for their birthday parties.
custom beverage napkins
Themed party, anyone?

However, today, it’s not just the new toys that inspire the themes for children’s parties. Nowadays, even movies make up a huge part of a child’s request. Here are some of the famous movies commonly used for children’s parties.


Before it was a huge movie that even adults enjoy, Transformers was merely a cartoon, a name for comics, one that only kids enjoyed. However, when Shaia La Beouf and Megan Fox dominated the screens in 2007 with the first Transformers movie, it instantly became one of the most popular themes for birthday parties.

For a Transformers-themed party, order a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite Transformer. Get a good design and have your supplier print some custom beverage napkins. If there’s enough budget, get themed plates and cups as well. For entertainment, you can set up a playstation or Wii featuring Transformers. For younger kids, set up a Transformers moon bounce or a playground.

Superhero movies like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Avengers, Captain America

Every kid adores superhero movies, especially the boys. Now that several superhero movies have been released, like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers, these can definitely be used as a theme for a birthday party. Offer superhero figurines as prizes, get cupcakes in the shape of a superhero or maybe a superhero’s accessory (like the shield of Captain America or Thor’s hammer). Instead of clowns, have someone dress up as the superhero.

Harry Potter

From the moment Harry Potter was born, everything in fantasy changed. Despite missing the current generation by a few years, there are still several kids who are enchanted by the world of magic. Impress the children by setting up their very own world of magic. Use castles, electric candles, wands, poster owls as decorations. Get light-up wands for prizes and maybe even stuffed owls. Have the birthday celebrant dress up as Harry Potter and hand out witch hats instead of the usual birthday hats.

Children love a little bit of imagination in their parties. As long as they enjoy the party you’ve set up for them, then you’ve done a good job.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Save Money on a Children’s Party

Planning a children’s party can be very expensive. You have to think of creative entertainment that your child would like, you need to make creative party supplies and you have to consider the amount of people your child wants to invite to a party.

How can you limit your budget when your child wants everything in their party?

Planning a children's party can be expensive. Image from

Although a child can be truly demanding when it comes to their parties, you need to set a limit for them and for yourself as well. However, even if there are limits to spending for a grand party, you can still make their party enjoyable and save money at the same time.


First of all, limit the attendees. Usually, a child will only want their “best friends” and classmates to be invited. It will only blow up if you decide to start inviting other people – like your best friend, your neighbors and everyone else. Your child doesn’t really need publicity, they just want to have fun.

Second, if you’re still planning to personalize your party supplies, make sure you can get a good deal. Check out online suppliers and see if they can give you a discount for printed custom beverage napkins, paper plates and cups. Usually, online shops give better prices and bigger discounts. Surely, you will be able to make your budget if you choose to deal with them.

Third, keep the entertainment simple. Children only want to have fun in their parties. Think of parlor games that will be cheap but fun. Think of outdoor games that your child enjoys. Just because you can’t afford a blow-up playground doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy their party. Simple games like “Bring Me”, “Pigs in a Blanket” and “Touch Move” all make an enjoyable party for a child. If your child doesn’t really like running around, set up a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox in the living room and rent a projector so everyone can enjoy the game.

Fourth, when you think of ordering or making the food for the children’s party, remember that you are getting food for kids. So no matter how elegant or Asian your cuisine might be, they won’t enjoy the food if there’s no hotdogs and Spaghetti in the menu.

Remember, this is a child’s party, not yours. Ask your child what they really want before you go off ordering and planning the party.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Printed Party Supplies Can Help Your Business

Thinking of ways to make your planned parties different than others? Ever thought of personalizing your own supplies? While you will see an increase in expenses, there’s no doubt that having personalized supplies can help you brand your business easily among potential clients. If you can personalize all of your supplies to include prints of your logo and number, not only will you be signifying the start of a longer career, you’ll also be starting to brand your business, which is essential for companies.

custom beverage napkins
Specialty napkins

While many of your party equipment will still be rented (unless you really have the budget to buy them all), there are specific supplies that you can order in, customized especially for you and your clients.

Specialty napkins

Nowadays, formal events and parties require custom beverage napkins to be included in their expenses. While these napkins are disposable, they are the party supplies that almost everyone will get to see during the event. Having specialized napkins allows you, as the events planner, to freely advertise your business during events. One way or another, they’ll see your logo and possibly your contact number, giving you a chance to score some clients during the day.

Paper cups and plates

Just like special napkins, everyone in the party also uses paper cups, plastic cups, and plates. If these supplies are specifically branded by your business for use, they will see it as well. At least, this time around, you won’t be using the staple types of cups and plates. You can even customize your cups and plates into different colors and designs only for your business or as required by the client.

Special decorations

Decorations such as streamers, banners and tarpaulins can also be printed out for the event. You can ask your client what they want printed on these banners and you can get a graphic designer to design their requirements (usually includes the title of the event, the attendees, the purpose, date and possibly even their logo and sponsors). At the same time, these special decorations are a great way to advertise your business.

Printed party supplies are a great way to advertise your business to clients and create a variety for your parties. But before you can think of printing, make sure you’ll only be providing simple, catchy logos and designs that people will appreciate during any kind of party. If the prints are not attractive, they’ll only look over your efforts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ideas on Planning a Party on a Budget

When you say “party”, everyone immediately assumes that you need to have big money to get everything done. Fortunately for many, there are several ways to get the party done without having to burn your pockets.

custom beverage napkins
Party on a Budget?

For those who intend to keep the party on a budget, here are some useful ideas to minimize the cost:

1. Take the party outdoors

One of the most expensive parts on planning a party is its events place. Parties that take place in restaurants or hotels are definitely more expensive. Even parties that are held inside the house will require you to spend for electricity. Instead, if the weather permits, take the party outdoors where the cool breeze and the natural light can help cut down a lot of your budget.

2. Serve juice instead of soda

While children nowadays prefer to drink soda, these usually cost more than a jug of juice. Instead of ordering a case of soda, buy a big packet of juice and get at least 5 more liters of beverages for the same amount of money. At the same time, you can promote healthy living by providing fruit juice for your visitors.

3. Go paper with your plates, utensils and beverage napkins

Having to buy or use glass plates and utensils will only result in a more expensive budget, all the more if somebody breaks something during the party. Instead of taking the risk, use disposable plates and utensils. If you prefer to have your own designed custom beverage napkins, you can also choose to get 1-ply thick semi-crepe napkins to save some money.

4. Find local entertainment or arrange for a customized music collection

Instead of hiring some famous band or singer just for the party, support local music by hiring someone from the neighborhood or community. If the celebrant happens to know someone who can sing or play music, all the better. If not, you can also mix up a tape (in accordance to the likes of the celebrant, of course) to play at the party, which is cheaper than getting a DJ.

5. Minimize the invited people

After all, you are on a budget, right? Make sure you don’t invite a hundred people to your party, especially if you’re not willing to shell out enough money to cover it all.

6. Lessen the catered food, go potluck

If the party is home-based, instead of catering, invite the visitors to bring something of their own. This way, you can save on catering and taste your neighbor’s special dishes as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ideas for Opening a New Restaurant

Starting a business from ground up is not easy. In fact, you’ll have to go through so many challenges that you’ll wonder why you even started a business at all! However, businesses have its perks – especially restaurants, which challenge owners to continuously find ways to up their competitor next door. Now that you’re opening a real business, you need to be concerned with other things besides providing good food, which is of course, the most important aspect of opening a new restaurant.

custom beverage napkins
Opening a new restaurant, Image from

Besides the food, here are some important restaurant ideas you may find useful:

Ambiance, atmosphere and restaurant theme

The ambiance, atmosphere and theme of a restaurant are important when it comes to upping your competition. Nowadays, the usual themes have already been taken, so if you decide to join their competition, you need to find a way to make your restaurant different. Otherwise, you need to think of a unique theme and cater your restaurant’s ambiance and atmosphere to your theme. Make sure that the theme you choose is also interesting, or else, you’ll easily lose the interest of restaurant-goers.

Customize everything according to your restaurant’s theme

custom beverage napkins
Customized Napkins

Sometimes, this idea should only be followed once a restaurant has already proven to be successful. However, if you want to dive into business completely, this will help you develop your brand. In order to appear different from your competitor, you’ll need to invest on custom napkins for beverages, personalized plates and glasses and even customized table tops. In order to establish a brand for your restaurant, it requires you to implement your brand into your restaurant. It may be expensive to personalize everything, but it is a worthy investment, after all.

Marketing campaign and slogan

Business owners shouldn’t just think of the insides of their restaurant. They’ll also have to consider the outside aspect. How the restaurant should look and how they can market the restaurant to everyone else – online and offline. Slogans are also important, and they can use this as their USP or unique selling proposition for marketing campaigns. In the case that they choose to take their marketing campaign online, slogans will work best with PPC management and social media.

You see, it’s not just about the custom beverage napkins, ambiance or the slogan. Business owners have to think about the whole package. If you want to survive the tough competition, creativity, talent and hard work should go hand in hand.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 Ideas for an Epic and Unique Party

Have you ever been to a party where you and your friends still reminisce about that epic night – months after it happened? Now, that’s what you call an awesome and unique party – something that gets ingrained in a person’s memory, or even something that you would tell your grandkids one day. But, party planning is no easy task. While your recent spring break party consisted only of a beer bong, bikinis and plastic cups, creating a more formal event is a different story. In fact, when you want to create a unique party, you may have to put more effort into it than just simply providing food and entertainment. So, if you’re hoping to plan an event, here are some ideas you may want to use:  

Dress codes
custom beverage napkins

Nothing says formality than the right dress code. Even if you’re planning an informal party, advising a dress code may be one way to create buzz about the party. Have your friends come in a costume, maybe dress for the 4th of July or dress casual in red and blue. Whatever dress code you choose, this may be one way to create uniqueness for your party. The more creative you are, the more unique your party can be.  


The type of entertainment you serve in your party will determine how formal your party is. If you plan on hiring piano players, violin and jazz bands, your party will probably be more geared to formal guests. However, if you want a more casual atmosphere, you might want to consider hiring rock bands, playing alternative music and if available – setting up games such as Guitar Hero, live basketball on Wii or other arts and crafts games.  

Unique setting and location

Another factor in creating a unique party is the setting and location of the party. Most formal parties will probably be held in hotel conference rooms or formal party and events locations. On the other hand, a less formal party can be held at home, in the backyard, a pool place or even in a park. These places have less restrictions, allowing you to set up catering or the food, no matter how you want it.  

Exquisite catering and table setting

Once you’ve chosen the setting and location of your party, you can now decide how you want your catering, food and table setting to be. Would you need to buy custom beverage napkins, cups or plates? Maybe prefer to use a specific type of cup? Do you need plastic cups or glasses? Party planners will also have to consider the type of food served, before ordering the utensils. Otherwise, using plastic plates may not be advisable for parties with heavy food and meals with soup. Now it’s all up to you if you can pull these off and make it an awesome night your guests would want to tell their grandkids one day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Coffee Party

Have you ever tried hosting a party where people would just sit down, relax and converse without getting drunk or high in drugs?  This is one good idea of how you can get people to have great morning conversations or an evening recap of what had just happened.  Yes, you heard me right.  A morning coffee party or an evening recap will make you imagine things that you have not done before.
First off, determine if this is just a party or a party with benefits.  What I mean is, you can host for a simple gathering with close friends and family or you can host an event that is set towards a bigger goal - a marketing campaign or a project proposal.  It will all depend on you. 
For the sake of this article, lets start off with a Marketing campaign.  Let’s say that you want to introduce a new product and you want your sales team to rally the product for you.  Here are some tips on how you can make your informal campaign more exciting:
1.     Invites.  Send out invitations to all you wish to be there especially your sales force by using a personalized coffee cup with the logo or a picture of your new product.  Don’t forget to include their names on the cup.  You can also send out custom beverage napkins and coffee stirrer packaged with the coffee cup.  These cups should be with them to be able to enter the party.  They will also use these cups and napkins for their own consumption during the party.
2.     Decorations.  Prepare the venue with decorations that will match your campaign.  You can again use coffee cups in decorating the place since it’s a coffee party.  You can also use paper crafts to go along with the decorations.
3.     Mood.  You have to set the mood.  If this is a campaign, it has to be lively, exciting and fun.  Make      
      it more interactive.  Have the guests play around with their coffee mugs by asking them to                
      personalize it based on the theme of the product that you are launching.  Specify on your invite the
      theme of the coffee party so that your guests would be prepared as they come.
4.     Coffee and Food.  Of course this is essential.  Play around with the flavors.  Offer them a variety of brews.   Have your guests make their own coffee.  Encourage them to taste more than 1 flavor.  As for food, you will never go wrong with donuts or mini muffins!
Whether it’s a sales campaign, a private party or just a simple coffee party, what matters is how the guests will enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee.  Party on!