Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Save Money on a Children’s Party

Planning a children’s party can be very expensive. You have to think of creative entertainment that your child would like, you need to make creative party supplies and you have to consider the amount of people your child wants to invite to a party.

How can you limit your budget when your child wants everything in their party?

Planning a children's party can be expensive. Image from

Although a child can be truly demanding when it comes to their parties, you need to set a limit for them and for yourself as well. However, even if there are limits to spending for a grand party, you can still make their party enjoyable and save money at the same time.


First of all, limit the attendees. Usually, a child will only want their “best friends” and classmates to be invited. It will only blow up if you decide to start inviting other people – like your best friend, your neighbors and everyone else. Your child doesn’t really need publicity, they just want to have fun.

Second, if you’re still planning to personalize your party supplies, make sure you can get a good deal. Check out online suppliers and see if they can give you a discount for printed custom beverage napkins, paper plates and cups. Usually, online shops give better prices and bigger discounts. Surely, you will be able to make your budget if you choose to deal with them.

Third, keep the entertainment simple. Children only want to have fun in their parties. Think of parlor games that will be cheap but fun. Think of outdoor games that your child enjoys. Just because you can’t afford a blow-up playground doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy their party. Simple games like “Bring Me”, “Pigs in a Blanket” and “Touch Move” all make an enjoyable party for a child. If your child doesn’t really like running around, set up a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox in the living room and rent a projector so everyone can enjoy the game.

Fourth, when you think of ordering or making the food for the children’s party, remember that you are getting food for kids. So no matter how elegant or Asian your cuisine might be, they won’t enjoy the food if there’s no hotdogs and Spaghetti in the menu.

Remember, this is a child’s party, not yours. Ask your child what they really want before you go off ordering and planning the party.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Printed Party Supplies Can Help Your Business

Thinking of ways to make your planned parties different than others? Ever thought of personalizing your own supplies? While you will see an increase in expenses, there’s no doubt that having personalized supplies can help you brand your business easily among potential clients. If you can personalize all of your supplies to include prints of your logo and number, not only will you be signifying the start of a longer career, you’ll also be starting to brand your business, which is essential for companies.

custom beverage napkins
Specialty napkins

While many of your party equipment will still be rented (unless you really have the budget to buy them all), there are specific supplies that you can order in, customized especially for you and your clients.

Specialty napkins

Nowadays, formal events and parties require custom beverage napkins to be included in their expenses. While these napkins are disposable, they are the party supplies that almost everyone will get to see during the event. Having specialized napkins allows you, as the events planner, to freely advertise your business during events. One way or another, they’ll see your logo and possibly your contact number, giving you a chance to score some clients during the day.

Paper cups and plates

Just like special napkins, everyone in the party also uses paper cups, plastic cups, and plates. If these supplies are specifically branded by your business for use, they will see it as well. At least, this time around, you won’t be using the staple types of cups and plates. You can even customize your cups and plates into different colors and designs only for your business or as required by the client.

Special decorations

Decorations such as streamers, banners and tarpaulins can also be printed out for the event. You can ask your client what they want printed on these banners and you can get a graphic designer to design their requirements (usually includes the title of the event, the attendees, the purpose, date and possibly even their logo and sponsors). At the same time, these special decorations are a great way to advertise your business.

Printed party supplies are a great way to advertise your business to clients and create a variety for your parties. But before you can think of printing, make sure you’ll only be providing simple, catchy logos and designs that people will appreciate during any kind of party. If the prints are not attractive, they’ll only look over your efforts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ideas on Planning a Party on a Budget

When you say “party”, everyone immediately assumes that you need to have big money to get everything done. Fortunately for many, there are several ways to get the party done without having to burn your pockets.

custom beverage napkins
Party on a Budget?

For those who intend to keep the party on a budget, here are some useful ideas to minimize the cost:

1. Take the party outdoors

One of the most expensive parts on planning a party is its events place. Parties that take place in restaurants or hotels are definitely more expensive. Even parties that are held inside the house will require you to spend for electricity. Instead, if the weather permits, take the party outdoors where the cool breeze and the natural light can help cut down a lot of your budget.

2. Serve juice instead of soda

While children nowadays prefer to drink soda, these usually cost more than a jug of juice. Instead of ordering a case of soda, buy a big packet of juice and get at least 5 more liters of beverages for the same amount of money. At the same time, you can promote healthy living by providing fruit juice for your visitors.

3. Go paper with your plates, utensils and beverage napkins

Having to buy or use glass plates and utensils will only result in a more expensive budget, all the more if somebody breaks something during the party. Instead of taking the risk, use disposable plates and utensils. If you prefer to have your own designed custom beverage napkins, you can also choose to get 1-ply thick semi-crepe napkins to save some money.

4. Find local entertainment or arrange for a customized music collection

Instead of hiring some famous band or singer just for the party, support local music by hiring someone from the neighborhood or community. If the celebrant happens to know someone who can sing or play music, all the better. If not, you can also mix up a tape (in accordance to the likes of the celebrant, of course) to play at the party, which is cheaper than getting a DJ.

5. Minimize the invited people

After all, you are on a budget, right? Make sure you don’t invite a hundred people to your party, especially if you’re not willing to shell out enough money to cover it all.

6. Lessen the catered food, go potluck

If the party is home-based, instead of catering, invite the visitors to bring something of their own. This way, you can save on catering and taste your neighbor’s special dishes as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ideas for Opening a New Restaurant

Starting a business from ground up is not easy. In fact, you’ll have to go through so many challenges that you’ll wonder why you even started a business at all! However, businesses have its perks – especially restaurants, which challenge owners to continuously find ways to up their competitor next door. Now that you’re opening a real business, you need to be concerned with other things besides providing good food, which is of course, the most important aspect of opening a new restaurant.

custom beverage napkins
Opening a new restaurant, Image from

Besides the food, here are some important restaurant ideas you may find useful:

Ambiance, atmosphere and restaurant theme

The ambiance, atmosphere and theme of a restaurant are important when it comes to upping your competition. Nowadays, the usual themes have already been taken, so if you decide to join their competition, you need to find a way to make your restaurant different. Otherwise, you need to think of a unique theme and cater your restaurant’s ambiance and atmosphere to your theme. Make sure that the theme you choose is also interesting, or else, you’ll easily lose the interest of restaurant-goers.

Customize everything according to your restaurant’s theme

custom beverage napkins
Customized Napkins

Sometimes, this idea should only be followed once a restaurant has already proven to be successful. However, if you want to dive into business completely, this will help you develop your brand. In order to appear different from your competitor, you’ll need to invest on custom napkins for beverages, personalized plates and glasses and even customized table tops. In order to establish a brand for your restaurant, it requires you to implement your brand into your restaurant. It may be expensive to personalize everything, but it is a worthy investment, after all.

Marketing campaign and slogan

Business owners shouldn’t just think of the insides of their restaurant. They’ll also have to consider the outside aspect. How the restaurant should look and how they can market the restaurant to everyone else – online and offline. Slogans are also important, and they can use this as their USP or unique selling proposition for marketing campaigns. In the case that they choose to take their marketing campaign online, slogans will work best with PPC management and social media.

You see, it’s not just about the custom beverage napkins, ambiance or the slogan. Business owners have to think about the whole package. If you want to survive the tough competition, creativity, talent and hard work should go hand in hand.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 Ideas for an Epic and Unique Party

Have you ever been to a party where you and your friends still reminisce about that epic night – months after it happened? Now, that’s what you call an awesome and unique party – something that gets ingrained in a person’s memory, or even something that you would tell your grandkids one day. But, party planning is no easy task. While your recent spring break party consisted only of a beer bong, bikinis and plastic cups, creating a more formal event is a different story. In fact, when you want to create a unique party, you may have to put more effort into it than just simply providing food and entertainment. So, if you’re hoping to plan an event, here are some ideas you may want to use:  

Dress codes
custom beverage napkins

Nothing says formality than the right dress code. Even if you’re planning an informal party, advising a dress code may be one way to create buzz about the party. Have your friends come in a costume, maybe dress for the 4th of July or dress casual in red and blue. Whatever dress code you choose, this may be one way to create uniqueness for your party. The more creative you are, the more unique your party can be.  


The type of entertainment you serve in your party will determine how formal your party is. If you plan on hiring piano players, violin and jazz bands, your party will probably be more geared to formal guests. However, if you want a more casual atmosphere, you might want to consider hiring rock bands, playing alternative music and if available – setting up games such as Guitar Hero, live basketball on Wii or other arts and crafts games.  

Unique setting and location

Another factor in creating a unique party is the setting and location of the party. Most formal parties will probably be held in hotel conference rooms or formal party and events locations. On the other hand, a less formal party can be held at home, in the backyard, a pool place or even in a park. These places have less restrictions, allowing you to set up catering or the food, no matter how you want it.  

Exquisite catering and table setting

Once you’ve chosen the setting and location of your party, you can now decide how you want your catering, food and table setting to be. Would you need to buy custom beverage napkins, cups or plates? Maybe prefer to use a specific type of cup? Do you need plastic cups or glasses? Party planners will also have to consider the type of food served, before ordering the utensils. Otherwise, using plastic plates may not be advisable for parties with heavy food and meals with soup. Now it’s all up to you if you can pull these off and make it an awesome night your guests would want to tell their grandkids one day.