Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Money Saving Tips on Buying Supplies for Restaurants

Opening up a new restaurant is not cheap. There are so many things to do and so many things to spend your money on that it is always important to find ways to save just to make sure that you don’t go over your budget. Since buying supplies is one of the most important parts of opening up a restaurant, there’s a big possibility that you’ll go over your targeted budget. In order to prevent that from happening, here’s some very important tips you can use to save money.

Buy in bulk

buy cups in bulk

One of the best ways to save money buying restaurant supplies is to buy in bulk. Buying a whole set of supplies guarantees you a good discount from your favorite supplies store. Just make sure that if you buy a one set of design, it should also be the same design that you buy the next time you need a new set. Having to change to different designs can be very confusing for the customers especially if you want to establish your brand.

Buy from an online store

Online stores sell their supplies at a cheaper price. If you decide to get custom beverage napkins, there’s a possibility that you might even get a cheaper rate compared to those with actual printing shops. Businesses online can afford to sell their supplies at a cheaper rate because they don’t have a lot of overhead costs to worry about. As long as you can find a good shop online to buy your supplies from, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

Choose a different brand

Contrary to what many believe, just because a brand is popular doesn’t make it the only choice for supplies. There are several brands out there for different napkins, plates, cups, plastic utensils and food containers. Even generic brands are strong enough to last some time. Do your research when it comes to the quality and materials of these brands. Some generic brands may be cheap, but counting them out of quality supplies may mean that you could lose an opportunity to save money on your restaurant supplies.

custom beverage napkins
custom beverage napkins on sale

Clearance sales

Just like all other items, once a restaurant supply shop goes on a clearance sale, all the prices go down. The only problem is, you won’t really know when the shop will hold a clearance sale. It’s best to keep a look out just in case there’s one near your area. Sales like these give you the opportunity to save as much as 70% off the original price. Now when it comes to setting up a restaurant, 70% is already a lot of savings.

If you’re thinking of buying wholesale restaurant supplies online, Cupdepot may have some good offers for you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do’s and Don’ts of Printing Restaurant Supplies

Do you own a restaurant? If you do, then you must’ve already thought of printing your own supplies for the restaurant. This is definitely a good idea. However, before you go on ahead printing custom beverage napkins and personalized cups and plates, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of printing restaurant supplies. Apparently, not all printing will lead to success for the restaurants image. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can use these personalized prints for a number of reasons.
printed cups

The list of important do’s

Do get your logo out in the open

When you’re printing your own restaurant supplies, make sure that you include your logo. What’s the point of printing out supplies if you’re not going to use it to brand your restaurant? Design the print to include the logo. Make sure your logo is aesthetic and easy to brand, so every time a customer sees it, they’ll remember your restaurant.

Do put your contact details

But don’t just put your logo, include your contact details too. If you want to create awareness for your brand, you might as well put your contact details to make it easy for anyone who may want to contact you. Even if they take home your napkins or cups, they’ll be able to contact you, no matter the reason.

Do use quality napkins

custom beverage napkins
custom beverage napkins

When you’re getting napkins printed for your restaurant, make sure that you use those made out of quality materials. 1-ply may just be too thin. Check out the material and type of napkin first before you do any printing. Thin napkins break easily and it won’t even last a meal. If you get quality napkins, people who take unused napkins home may be able to use them.

Do make sure you print enough

It’s not really nice to have the first 100 people use customized supplies and the next 100 use generic supplies. It doesn’t create brand awareness for your restaurant and customers might get confused. Even regular guests will notice the change. When you customize your supplies, continue printing until you have enough for a week or month.

Important don’ts to consider

Don’t overcrowd your design with unnecessary designs

In printing personalized restaurant supplies, make sure that you don’t overprint them. Having a complicated design will only confuse your customers. Make the design easy to see, without a lot of unnecessary decorations.

Don’t cut the budget on quality printing

When you’re printing supplies for your restaurant, you’re also building its image. If you cut the budget too much, you might end up with supplies that are made out of low quality. Low quality prints are usually those that don’t dry up well and the ink ends up dripping all over the cup or napkin. Definitely not good for your image.

When you’re ready to start building your restaurant’s image, make sure that you have a good budget ready. Also do your assignment and search for affordable, but good suppliers to print your supplies. The better the supplier, the better the quality.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Benefits of Ordering Your Own Customized Party Supplies

When you own a party planning business, you have to weigh a variety of decisions first before coming up with an actual plan for the party. While you need to make sure that you are living up to the client’s expectations, you also have to make sure that you can meet the provided budget. And when the client gives enough for customized party supplies, then you should definitely go for it. Why?

Although it may be quite expensive to customize your own beverage napkins, paper cups and paper plates, you and your business will definitely benefit from it.

custom beverage napkins
Printed cup from

You control the details of printing

In a way, printing custom beverage napkins and other supplies allows you to control the things to be printed out in your party supplies. This means that you don’t have to settle for plain cups, or buy those cheap, but ugly colored cups from your supplier. Instead, you can impress your client even more by giving her a fully customized party – up to the paper plates. Not only that, your supplier will always allow you to design your own prints so you can print different things per party supply.

Free advertising during the party

If you get to print your own customized party supplies, then it is also the time for you to take advantage of it. Since you will be able to choose what to print on the supplies, you can also take the time to advertise your own business. Instead of just putting some random designs on the party supplies, save a small part of the design for your business logo and contact details. After all, it is a party and anyone who uses the napkins, paper plates or cups will be able to see your details. Not only do you get to advertise for free during the party, your client will also enjoy the customized prints on their party supplies.

custom beverage napkins
themed birthday parties from

You can match the supplies to the party’s theme

Sometimes, it can be really hard to buy supplies for a specific type of theme. For example, if the kid’s party is supposed to focus on the Amazing Spider-Man, you may think twice about getting those huge red cups that look like they just came out of a summer party. Instead, you can create your own supplies with Spider-Man as the actual design. Not only will the kids love the designs, you clients will also be pleasantly surprised at the gesture.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Movies You Can Use as a Theme For a Children’s Party

Once upon a time, it was the latest toys that made a huge difference in a child’s party. If you get your kid a Lego box, they’ll greatly enjoy a Lego-themed party. If you buy your daughter a Barbie set, she’ll end up wishing that her birthday party was themed to Barbie and everything pink. This is how children usually are. Whatever they’re most interested in is what they want to have for their birthday parties.
custom beverage napkins
Themed party, anyone?

However, today, it’s not just the new toys that inspire the themes for children’s parties. Nowadays, even movies make up a huge part of a child’s request. Here are some of the famous movies commonly used for children’s parties.


Before it was a huge movie that even adults enjoy, Transformers was merely a cartoon, a name for comics, one that only kids enjoyed. However, when Shaia La Beouf and Megan Fox dominated the screens in 2007 with the first Transformers movie, it instantly became one of the most popular themes for birthday parties.

For a Transformers-themed party, order a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite Transformer. Get a good design and have your supplier print some custom beverage napkins. If there’s enough budget, get themed plates and cups as well. For entertainment, you can set up a playstation or Wii featuring Transformers. For younger kids, set up a Transformers moon bounce or a playground.

Superhero movies like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Avengers, Captain America

Every kid adores superhero movies, especially the boys. Now that several superhero movies have been released, like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers, these can definitely be used as a theme for a birthday party. Offer superhero figurines as prizes, get cupcakes in the shape of a superhero or maybe a superhero’s accessory (like the shield of Captain America or Thor’s hammer). Instead of clowns, have someone dress up as the superhero.

Harry Potter

From the moment Harry Potter was born, everything in fantasy changed. Despite missing the current generation by a few years, there are still several kids who are enchanted by the world of magic. Impress the children by setting up their very own world of magic. Use castles, electric candles, wands, poster owls as decorations. Get light-up wands for prizes and maybe even stuffed owls. Have the birthday celebrant dress up as Harry Potter and hand out witch hats instead of the usual birthday hats.

Children love a little bit of imagination in their parties. As long as they enjoy the party you’ve set up for them, then you’ve done a good job.