Monday, November 26, 2012

8 Supplies You Can Buy On Sale

Looking for things you can buy to avail of the $20 slashed off sale? Look no more! Here’s a list of things you can buy to make up that $200 cut off and get $20 discount.

Custom napkins on sale!

1. Napkins – every restaurant needs napkins. What food business doesn’t need something to keep their customers’ clean, right? Now, the question is – what kind of napkins do you need? Would you require custom beverage napkins? Do you need 1-ply or 2-ply napkins? The amount you’ll be spending on napkins will really depend on how many you’ll take. If you’ll be buying more than the usual amount, you can ask customer service for special discounts as well.

2. Cold cups – what restaurant will last without cups? None. Every restaurant needs something to give their customers when they ask for water or whatever kind of drink. Even food trucks need to provide cups to their customers. Will you be getting plastic cups? Or will translucent cups be sufficient?

3. Hot cups – coffee is something almost every restaurant should have. Coffee is part of almost every human being’s day. If you don’t have hot cups, you need to have something that can withstand the heat of coffee. Cold plastic cups don’t work, so hot cups are usually made of fiber, special paper or bamboo. You may need special handles as well.

4. Tableware – when serving food to your customers, what will you need? Do you need actual plates? If you happen to work for food trucks, food boxes may also work because they can be taken out of the place to eat, depending on where the customer wants to eat. You can get fiber plates, bamboo bowls or even those divided into sections for variation and easy food arrangement.

5. Straws – not everyone will drink straight out of the cup. Many of your customers will eventually look for straws to drink their beverages. You’ll need a stack of straws just in case.

6. Utensils – how can any food business work without the right utensils? Yes, you’ll need the usual set – fork, spoon, knife for your daily operations. The question is – what kind would you need? Do you need colored or plastic utensils? Or would you prefer heavy-weight utensils? Depending on your menu, you might need soup spoons and gelato spoons, as well.

7. Coffee supplies – now if you’re also serving coffee in your restaurant, you’ll also need a few coffee supplies that includes carrier trays, cup jackets, dispensers and cup organizers.

8. Paper towels – besides the things you need for your customers, you’ll also need a few supplies for your kitchen as well. Paper towels allow you to clean up your kitchen without too much of a hassle. You’ll need a roll of this if you want to keep a clean kitchen.

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