Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Special Deals

As a supplier for all things premium paper and plastic, Cupdepot can provide anyone willing to start their own restaurant or coffee shop with the start up supplies that they need. Because Cupdepot is a veteran in the business of supplying restaurants and cafes, they know just what business owners need at a time like this.

Christmas is a merry season for almost everyone. Time to buy gifts for your loved ones. Time to expect gifts from your loved ones. It’s a time when you know you can earn a lot if you’re running a business. Unfortunately, if your business highly depends on the rates and prices of their suppliers, it may be a little hard to ensure the increase of profit at a time like this.

Fortunately for restaurant and coffee shop owners, Cupdepot is not one to miss out on all the fun of sales and discounts. In this special promo, Cupdepot makes things a little easier for businessmen.

1. First of all, customers of Cupdepot will be able to enjoy free shipping of their items! Whether it may be for custom beverage napkins, new cups, bamboo plates or any other type of supplies – they can get their items shipped straight to their doorstep for free. And this is a good thing because shipping fees can get very steep, especially if you buy in bulk. It’s another excess fee that owners have to think of when they buy their supplies. But because they are guaranteed free shipping this Christmas season, they can finally relax and keep the extra earnings for themselves. It is a good season, after all.

2. Hot cup bundles are also on sale! If you’re starting a coffee shop, or maybe entering a new portion of your restaurant’s services, then these hot cup bundles may just be the supplies you need. Hot cups are the supplies recommended to serve coffee to go. Since people can’t exactly carry hot coffee in a mug, nor carry plastic or bamboo cups without getting burned, hot cups are used to protect them from the heat – at least as much as possible. With the help of hot cup jackets, these are definitely the supplies for hot coffee. For as low as $104 per bundle, you can get a good set of these hot cups straight to your doorstep. You can also get cups at 12 or 24 oz, depending on your requirements. Cups are available in generic or white designs with black or white lids.

3. This sale also allows customers to avail of premium beverage napkins at only $35.95 per case. This is a good sale because premium napkins can be quite expensive. But when you run a restaurant or a coffee shop, you really need an endless supply of napkins. While you can definitely buy cheaper napkins, they won’t be made out of premium materials. Cheap napkins break easily and you won’t be able to use them to clean tables. Premium napkins can be printed on and you can definitely be sure that they won’t tear easily.

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