Monday, December 24, 2012

Cupdepot’s Special Year End Promo

It’s 2013! Well, almost. In just a few more days, the year that we know as 2012 is finally gone. Everyone will be starting new lives, pretending to do their resolutions until they eventually fall back into the same daily cycle that they have. It’s the usual year end hype when everything is designed for change. While everyone else worries what they will do the next year, Cupdepot is here to offer cafes, small restaurants and coffee shops as sweet deal as they enter the new year. Instead of worrying so much about the rising costs and expenses, how about something to help every start-up company build their foundation?

With this special promo from Cupdepot, every café, coffee shop or restaurant will have a chance to save a lot of money before they officially open their books again for the next year.

How about saving $50? That’s a huge amount to save for every start-up business. And Cupdepot is prepared to offer you that opportunity! Just before the start of the brand new year, you can save up to $50 if you buy a total of $500 from Cupdepot. And if you’re preparing for the (hopefully) good business for next year, then you really need a lot of supplies from Cupdepot. Instead of buying from different suppliers, get all of your needed equipment and supplies from Cupdepot and enjoy the huge savings!


What are you waiting for? Because this is a huge promo from Cupdepot, it is only available for a limited period. Until December 31, 2012, you can still avail of this $50 saving as long as you purchase $500 worth of supplies. Not only is this an amazing year-ender gift, it’s also a great opportunity for those who need to restock on their supplies for the New Year.

This is it guys! Start buying!

But – oh wait! There’s more!

If you thought saving $50 was already enough, then you’re wrong. Apparently, Cupdepot is truly bent on helping you save a lot of money this New Year and the savings is never really enough.

For those who really want to save up on their capital for next year, you’ll be ecstatic to know that aside from the savings, you’ll also get free shipping! Yes, that’s right! Free shipping!

Every restaurant or café shop would know that the shipping fees can be a hefty price to pay, especially if you plan on ordering a lot of supplies for the New Year. However, if you order from Cupdepot, they are willing to slash off the whole amount for your shipping! That’s around another $100+ off your total amount! What a way to start the New Year!

So, what are you waiting for? Start picking your supplies and enjoy this year-ender promo from Cupdepot.

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