Monday, January 16, 2012

Restaurant Branding Tips: Going Global (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part of our restaurant branding and marketing tips on how to go global with your food business. Like we said in our previous post, your branding mindset at this point should go beyond the usual printing of custom restaurant supplies such as custom cups and custom beverage napkins. Now that you are targeting a wider and bigger audience, you should also step up your game.

Now, moving on with our tips:

1. Make sure to use the right marketing channels. This harks back to our earlier tip: do research. For example, if your target consists of heavy commuters, it would be extremely unwise to advertise on radio. Instead, focus on out-of-home advertising situated in train stations or publications. The bottom line here is to observe your market’s habits and lifestyle because it varies for each culture.

2. Mind your language. There are things that cannot be fully translated into another culture or language. That is why transliteration can be a dangerous thing. When translating your brand, do not just talk to professional translators. Engage the locals. They will provide you with valuable localized information which is a goldmine for your branding and marketing campaign. Make sure that this kind of business attitude is reflected in all aspects of your business including your employees’ interaction with customers, customer service and of course, restaurant collaterals such as your outdoor signage, your custom beverage napkins and other custom restaurant supplies, and even the layout of your physical space.

3. Be vigilant. In the same way that you took great pains to take care of your brand reputation in your territory, you should also be just as vigilant (maybe even more so) in keeping your brand promise to your foreign market. Repay your market’s trust with topnotch service and food quality. Consistency is paramount in all aspects especially in service and in marketing.

Remember, one small mistake is remembered longer than a good dining experience so invest in reliable staff (you can hire locals) and synchronize your business goals and motto with the rest of your team.