Monday, May 21, 2012

Rise Of The Food Truck

Drive thru and food delivery are now a thing of the past.  Food truck is on the rise.  The use of paper food containers and custom beverage napkins are also becoming more and more popular.
With the current financial turmoil that had hit the continental US, people have been more creative on things that can bring them the big bucks.  And one thing that never faces recession? Food.
Americans love to eat.  One creative craze that is now prevalent in the East and West coasts is the Food Truck.  It is a food trend that is taking the usual street food to a higher level, where the ordinary becomes out of the ordinary.  Food trucks or chuckwagons have been serving the Americans since the 1800s.  After the American Civil War, these mobile caterers have been visible on major roads in Texas.  Charles Goodnight, believed to be the first food truck creator, started redesigning his truck after realizing how difficult it is to cook proper meals during cattle drives. The rest was history.
Traditionally, food trucks serve those who are always on the go and who are looking for a quality yet cheap way of dining.  That is why paper food containers, cups and beverage napkins (customized, if you want to market your food truck) are also very important in this business.  Everything should be on the go!
This business has evolved in the recent years.  They no longer cater just for people who are on the go but they are now also visible in events like weddings, parties and other special gatherings, publicly or privately.
Gourmet trucks, as some may call them, are now using the power of media and social media.  Different food trucks have been featured on big TV Networks and others already have regular shows, which features their menu and their day-to-day challenges.  With just a click away, people who want to track down their favorite gourmet trucks can now do so by using Facebook and Twitter. 
Food trucks, an old idea with a new experience!