Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Wedding Concept: Custom Beverage Napkins And Cups

custom beverage napkins
Wedding bells.  Wedding jitters.  Wedding songs.  Wedding souvenirs.  These are all part of the BIG day.   A lot of people prepare for the wedding date as if it was the only day in the world.  They want their wedding day to be so special that is why they take time thinking of new ideas and concepts on how to go about this ONE SPECIAL DAY
Americans have the most complex and most flexible weddings in the world.  This is due to its wide cultural, spiritual and traditional background.  Some would express extravagance on “the day” itself but some would want it more exclusive.  But whether it’s celebrated with a huge crowd or with a few friends and loved ones, they all want 1 thing: they want that day to make a mark in other people’s minds.  They want it to be special.  One way of doing this is by branding or making a mark in the minds of other people.  You can either have a crazy idea that people will not forget or just play around with what you already have.  Having custom made or personalized stuff as souvenirs will just be right. 
The Custom Beverage Napkin.  Decide on what design you would want to be printed.  One good idea is to have your names, the wedding date and a small note that will speak well of your wedding day.
The Custom CupSame concept as the former but you can add a little more twist.  You can include some pictures of you and your spouse.  You can also add a short story line how you’ve met or the things that you did together before you got married.  Be creative!
You can browse online for the best wholesalers and suppliers of custom beverage napkins, custom cups and other custom made items that you will need.
After the wedding day, should you decide to set up a restaurant or a café business, these suppliers can also help you with the inventory that you will need from these cups to custom beverage napkins to the utensils and other packaging materials.
Don’t limit yourself with traditions and culture.  This is your wedding day.  Be crazy, be creative!