Monday, June 4, 2012

Coffee Party

Have you ever tried hosting a party where people would just sit down, relax and converse without getting drunk or high in drugs?  This is one good idea of how you can get people to have great morning conversations or an evening recap of what had just happened.  Yes, you heard me right.  A morning coffee party or an evening recap will make you imagine things that you have not done before.
First off, determine if this is just a party or a party with benefits.  What I mean is, you can host for a simple gathering with close friends and family or you can host an event that is set towards a bigger goal - a marketing campaign or a project proposal.  It will all depend on you. 
For the sake of this article, lets start off with a Marketing campaign.  Let’s say that you want to introduce a new product and you want your sales team to rally the product for you.  Here are some tips on how you can make your informal campaign more exciting:
1.     Invites.  Send out invitations to all you wish to be there especially your sales force by using a personalized coffee cup with the logo or a picture of your new product.  Don’t forget to include their names on the cup.  You can also send out custom beverage napkins and coffee stirrer packaged with the coffee cup.  These cups should be with them to be able to enter the party.  They will also use these cups and napkins for their own consumption during the party.
2.     Decorations.  Prepare the venue with decorations that will match your campaign.  You can again use coffee cups in decorating the place since it’s a coffee party.  You can also use paper crafts to go along with the decorations.
3.     Mood.  You have to set the mood.  If this is a campaign, it has to be lively, exciting and fun.  Make      
      it more interactive.  Have the guests play around with their coffee mugs by asking them to                
      personalize it based on the theme of the product that you are launching.  Specify on your invite the
      theme of the coffee party so that your guests would be prepared as they come.
4.     Coffee and Food.  Of course this is essential.  Play around with the flavors.  Offer them a variety of brews.   Have your guests make their own coffee.  Encourage them to taste more than 1 flavor.  As for food, you will never go wrong with donuts or mini muffins!
Whether it’s a sales campaign, a private party or just a simple coffee party, what matters is how the guests will enjoy a good conversation over a cup of coffee.  Party on!