Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 Ideas for an Epic and Unique Party

Have you ever been to a party where you and your friends still reminisce about that epic night – months after it happened? Now, that’s what you call an awesome and unique party – something that gets ingrained in a person’s memory, or even something that you would tell your grandkids one day. But, party planning is no easy task. While your recent spring break party consisted only of a beer bong, bikinis and plastic cups, creating a more formal event is a different story. In fact, when you want to create a unique party, you may have to put more effort into it than just simply providing food and entertainment. So, if you’re hoping to plan an event, here are some ideas you may want to use:  

Dress codes
custom beverage napkins

Nothing says formality than the right dress code. Even if you’re planning an informal party, advising a dress code may be one way to create buzz about the party. Have your friends come in a costume, maybe dress for the 4th of July or dress casual in red and blue. Whatever dress code you choose, this may be one way to create uniqueness for your party. The more creative you are, the more unique your party can be.  


The type of entertainment you serve in your party will determine how formal your party is. If you plan on hiring piano players, violin and jazz bands, your party will probably be more geared to formal guests. However, if you want a more casual atmosphere, you might want to consider hiring rock bands, playing alternative music and if available – setting up games such as Guitar Hero, live basketball on Wii or other arts and crafts games.  

Unique setting and location

Another factor in creating a unique party is the setting and location of the party. Most formal parties will probably be held in hotel conference rooms or formal party and events locations. On the other hand, a less formal party can be held at home, in the backyard, a pool place or even in a park. These places have less restrictions, allowing you to set up catering or the food, no matter how you want it.  

Exquisite catering and table setting

Once you’ve chosen the setting and location of your party, you can now decide how you want your catering, food and table setting to be. Would you need to buy custom beverage napkins, cups or plates? Maybe prefer to use a specific type of cup? Do you need plastic cups or glasses? Party planners will also have to consider the type of food served, before ordering the utensils. Otherwise, using plastic plates may not be advisable for parties with heavy food and meals with soup. Now it’s all up to you if you can pull these off and make it an awesome night your guests would want to tell their grandkids one day.