Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ideas on Planning a Party on a Budget

When you say “party”, everyone immediately assumes that you need to have big money to get everything done. Fortunately for many, there are several ways to get the party done without having to burn your pockets.

custom beverage napkins
Party on a Budget?

For those who intend to keep the party on a budget, here are some useful ideas to minimize the cost:

1. Take the party outdoors

One of the most expensive parts on planning a party is its events place. Parties that take place in restaurants or hotels are definitely more expensive. Even parties that are held inside the house will require you to spend for electricity. Instead, if the weather permits, take the party outdoors where the cool breeze and the natural light can help cut down a lot of your budget.

2. Serve juice instead of soda

While children nowadays prefer to drink soda, these usually cost more than a jug of juice. Instead of ordering a case of soda, buy a big packet of juice and get at least 5 more liters of beverages for the same amount of money. At the same time, you can promote healthy living by providing fruit juice for your visitors.

3. Go paper with your plates, utensils and beverage napkins

Having to buy or use glass plates and utensils will only result in a more expensive budget, all the more if somebody breaks something during the party. Instead of taking the risk, use disposable plates and utensils. If you prefer to have your own designed custom beverage napkins, you can also choose to get 1-ply thick semi-crepe napkins to save some money.

4. Find local entertainment or arrange for a customized music collection

Instead of hiring some famous band or singer just for the party, support local music by hiring someone from the neighborhood or community. If the celebrant happens to know someone who can sing or play music, all the better. If not, you can also mix up a tape (in accordance to the likes of the celebrant, of course) to play at the party, which is cheaper than getting a DJ.

5. Minimize the invited people

After all, you are on a budget, right? Make sure you don’t invite a hundred people to your party, especially if you’re not willing to shell out enough money to cover it all.

6. Lessen the catered food, go potluck

If the party is home-based, instead of catering, invite the visitors to bring something of their own. This way, you can save on catering and taste your neighbor’s special dishes as well.