Monday, July 23, 2012

How Printed Party Supplies Can Help Your Business

Thinking of ways to make your planned parties different than others? Ever thought of personalizing your own supplies? While you will see an increase in expenses, there’s no doubt that having personalized supplies can help you brand your business easily among potential clients. If you can personalize all of your supplies to include prints of your logo and number, not only will you be signifying the start of a longer career, you’ll also be starting to brand your business, which is essential for companies.

custom beverage napkins
Specialty napkins

While many of your party equipment will still be rented (unless you really have the budget to buy them all), there are specific supplies that you can order in, customized especially for you and your clients.

Specialty napkins

Nowadays, formal events and parties require custom beverage napkins to be included in their expenses. While these napkins are disposable, they are the party supplies that almost everyone will get to see during the event. Having specialized napkins allows you, as the events planner, to freely advertise your business during events. One way or another, they’ll see your logo and possibly your contact number, giving you a chance to score some clients during the day.

Paper cups and plates

Just like special napkins, everyone in the party also uses paper cups, plastic cups, and plates. If these supplies are specifically branded by your business for use, they will see it as well. At least, this time around, you won’t be using the staple types of cups and plates. You can even customize your cups and plates into different colors and designs only for your business or as required by the client.

Special decorations

Decorations such as streamers, banners and tarpaulins can also be printed out for the event. You can ask your client what they want printed on these banners and you can get a graphic designer to design their requirements (usually includes the title of the event, the attendees, the purpose, date and possibly even their logo and sponsors). At the same time, these special decorations are a great way to advertise your business.

Printed party supplies are a great way to advertise your business to clients and create a variety for your parties. But before you can think of printing, make sure you’ll only be providing simple, catchy logos and designs that people will appreciate during any kind of party. If the prints are not attractive, they’ll only look over your efforts.