Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Movies You Can Use as a Theme For a Children’s Party

Once upon a time, it was the latest toys that made a huge difference in a child’s party. If you get your kid a Lego box, they’ll greatly enjoy a Lego-themed party. If you buy your daughter a Barbie set, she’ll end up wishing that her birthday party was themed to Barbie and everything pink. This is how children usually are. Whatever they’re most interested in is what they want to have for their birthday parties.
custom beverage napkins
Themed party, anyone?

However, today, it’s not just the new toys that inspire the themes for children’s parties. Nowadays, even movies make up a huge part of a child’s request. Here are some of the famous movies commonly used for children’s parties.


Before it was a huge movie that even adults enjoy, Transformers was merely a cartoon, a name for comics, one that only kids enjoyed. However, when Shaia La Beouf and Megan Fox dominated the screens in 2007 with the first Transformers movie, it instantly became one of the most popular themes for birthday parties.

For a Transformers-themed party, order a cake in the shape of your child’s favorite Transformer. Get a good design and have your supplier print some custom beverage napkins. If there’s enough budget, get themed plates and cups as well. For entertainment, you can set up a playstation or Wii featuring Transformers. For younger kids, set up a Transformers moon bounce or a playground.

Superhero movies like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Avengers, Captain America

Every kid adores superhero movies, especially the boys. Now that several superhero movies have been released, like the Dark Knight, the Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers, these can definitely be used as a theme for a birthday party. Offer superhero figurines as prizes, get cupcakes in the shape of a superhero or maybe a superhero’s accessory (like the shield of Captain America or Thor’s hammer). Instead of clowns, have someone dress up as the superhero.

Harry Potter

From the moment Harry Potter was born, everything in fantasy changed. Despite missing the current generation by a few years, there are still several kids who are enchanted by the world of magic. Impress the children by setting up their very own world of magic. Use castles, electric candles, wands, poster owls as decorations. Get light-up wands for prizes and maybe even stuffed owls. Have the birthday celebrant dress up as Harry Potter and hand out witch hats instead of the usual birthday hats.

Children love a little bit of imagination in their parties. As long as they enjoy the party you’ve set up for them, then you’ve done a good job.