Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Attract Customers on Election

Election is coming up! Because everyone will be out on this day of election, it’s a great way to market to your customers and keep them in your restaurant. If you want to start branding your restaurant, the election is a great day to do it. So how do you attract people to your restaurant on an important day like the election?

Food to Give Out on Election

1. Give out free food – who doesn’t love free food? And on a day of democracy and at a time when the people can finally voice out who they want to lead, free food is a great way to participate and be patriotic. Of course you don’t have to give out full course meals, but small finger food is a great way to get a lot of attention to your customers. Besides, what’s a few pigs in a blanket to keep them all interested? If you have custom beverage napkins, print your restaurant’s logo and the election badge for a little marketing and patriotism.

2. Set up a huge wide screen with news on the election – everyone wants to watch the election! Even if they are there in your restaurant, keep them updated with what’s happening by setting up a huge screen with the news and results. They won’t be able to stray their eyes away from the screen. And they’ll probably end up staying longer than they originally wanted to because you have the results they need right there for them to see. As the votes go up and down for each candidate, you can enjoy watching everyone’s reaction.

3. Set up tables and booths for the electoral candidates – just to give your guests an idea about who they are voting for, set up booths and tables especially dedicated to the candidates. Post newspaper clips and articles for each of them. Set up small flags and pins for each of them in their own booth. Chances are, people will be so curious that they’ll end up stopping beside the booth once in awhile. Not only will you be influencing some people, but you’ll also give them a chance to get to know the candidates more. If you set up these booths a week before the elections, you could get more attention too.

4. Set up freedom boards – people simply like to speak up. On election day, set up a freedom board for your guests to air out their thoughts and feelings. Have a white board set up next to the screens and keep some white board pens laid out for those who want to write. Election is a day to tell everyone who you want to lead. Give everyone a chance to say what they really want to say.