Monday, November 12, 2012

4 Special Events That Could Use Personalized Supplies

As an event planner, you need to know how to use your creativity to plan unique and special events. One of the best ways to make an event unique is to order inexpensive personalized cocktail napkins for use during the event. However, not every occasion requires specially printed napkins, especially because these can be quite costly.

Unless you’re planning any of these special events below, you may have to focus your creativity on other party planning ideas.

personalized custom beverage napkins

If you happen to be planning one of these events, here are some ways you can use personalized supplies to make your client’s experience unique.

1. Weddings

There’s nothing like custom beverage napkins with the bride and groom’s faces on it on a wedding day. It may be cheesy, but it’s one way to remind everyone that it’s their day. And if that’s not the print that they want, the couple can always think of other things to print on their wedding supplies. For example, they could have special quotes from their vows printed on utensils. They can have nuptial photos printed on souvenirs like cups and mugs. Because getting printed supplies for weddings is not an uncommon practice, you can even negotiate prices with the printing company for smaller weddings.

2. Debuts

On the other hand, debuts are even more grandeur, especially for high-society communities. On the day a young woman turns 18, she has to dress up pretty and perform in front of a whole audience. Other traditions allow young women to celebrate their debuts with a bunch of other celebrants. For high class events like these, elegant, printed napkins are a definite must-have. There won’t be any colorful prints or grand images, but since the event will require delicate China, it’s only fitting that the utensils are matched with high-class, event-appropriate accessories.

3. Restaurants

Have you heard of a restaurant that doesn’t have its own personalized supplies? Most restaurants that want to survive the business have to invest in its own supplies. If they haven’t started printing plates and cups, they will have to do it soon because getting people to see their logo is part of the branding process. Restaurants usually aim for customized plates, cups, utensils and even personalized napkins. Bigger restaurants and franchises need these personalized supplies for marketing and branding purposes.

4. Children’s Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun to plan. If you’re aiming for Disney or cartoon themes for the party, then you can definitely count on personalized supplies to keep the kids entertained. Some stores sell ready-made printed cups and plates for special occasions. But if your client wants a different kind of design, you can always get a supplier of affordable cups and plates to help you print the designs you want.