Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Sale at Cupdepot!

Is your restaurant currently preparing for Thanksgiving? Then you definitely have to participate in this week’s special sale!

Thanksgiving is a very expensive holiday. People go out to buy stuff to cook at home, they’ll look for different things to decorate their home and make the most of the holiday. However, there are also those families who have no idea how to cook so they end up in fancy restaurants instead where they can get the best meals cooked by experienced chefs. It may be less effort, but at least they’re sure that no one would get hurt or badly harmed from the wrong ingredients or trying out the wrong food.

Anyway, in occasions like Thanksgiving, restaurants have to be prepared for the rush of families. They need to have sufficient cups, plates, personalized napkins and other equipment to satisfy the need of their customers. It will be pretty expensive. But if you’re buying supplies from an affordable restaurant supplies store like Cupdepot, then you can save some money preparing for Thanksgiving.

On this special occasion, Cupdepot offers their customers something to thank them for their loyalty. With this week’s promo, customers who buy more than $200 or more can get up to $20 off their total purchase! Now, if you happen to be buying in bulk for the Thanksgiving rush, this will definitely be helpful for your budget. In order to avail this special treat, all you need to do is add “THANKS20” during check out and the amount will automatically be slashed off your total bill.

Good enough for you? We bet it is, after all, some restaurant supplies can be pretty expensive to buy during special occasions.

If you really want to make up for the Thanksgiving expenses that your restaurant will make during the day, you need to know how you can save. Besides buying cups, plates and custom beverage napkins in wholesale months before the event (which may be a little impractical for smaller restaurants), special sales from Cupdepot is your best bet to cutting back on the expenses.

If you’re buying more than $200 worth of cup bundles, napkins, straws, food containers and coffee supplies, you can even save up to $40 or more! $40 is quite a lot of money to save, especially on Thanksgiving when every other restaurant needs to stock up on supplies as well.

Don’t miss out on this special Thanksgiving sale. What are you waiting for? Head on over to Cupdepot and check out the things you might need for your restaurant. Don’t forget! In order to avail of the special discount, you need to type the words: THANKS20 into the coupon code bar to get the amount slashed off.