Monday, March 11, 2013

Plastic Containers for Easier Party Planning

More often than not, people will often turn to using plastic cups and other disposable drinking containers when there is a need to serve in a hurry.  The convenience of these kinds of items is that there is no need to worry about time consumed in clean up or losing them. Restaurants alike often carry an ample supply of these items to provide employees with convenient drinking containers without creating extra clean ups.  It can be said that plastic drinking containers are not only convenient but often sanitary and cost effective too.

It is clear that there are a lot of advantages in using this kind of drinking container. Even if there are disposable cups made from other materials, plastic disposable cups are often preferred for several reasons.  First of which is its durability compared to paper and cups made from other materialas.  Another good reason is that this kind of cups, even though called disposable, can actually be re-used or recycled.  This is a more environmentally conscious choice for everyone.

When choosing which kind of cup to purchase, it is best to know what kinds of cups are available.  Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from.  Of course, the size of the available cups should also be considered.  It really depends on the occasion where the cups will be used.  Small cups that can hold three ounces are best for sampling purposes, while those huge twenty ounce cups are best for drinking.  Those prepping for a party would find the larger cups a smarter option because they can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.   They can also be easily re-used with the help of a quick rinse in the sink. But of course, those who want to serve shots of really strong drinks may prefer the small cups the size of actual shot glasses.

Another consideration used when buying cups is the thickness and the kind of plastic the cups are made of.  There are cups made from lightweight, clear plastic, which makes them cost efficient and appropriate for light use.  This kind of cups is best used for drinking water.   Thicker cups, which may come in a variety of colors, are best for parties or gatherings.  The colored cups can blend with the theme and the extra thickness improves their overall durability.  The best one to get are those recyclable and compostable cups usually made from Polylactic Acid or PLA polymers.

Also, it may also be a good idea to look at whether or not the cups can be purchased with accompanying lids. While some situations are appropriate for plastic disposable cups without lids, other situations may warrant the extra investment. Lids are ideal when cups are being used for travel purposes or when the cups will be used by children. Most lids are designed to fit snugly over the top of a corresponding cup, with a straw hole to provide easy access to the liquid inside.

Plastic cups are available at a number of merchants, but for a vast selection and prices, it is best to shop online. Doing the shopping online will enable you to compare products and prices.  This way, you get the best deal and the best product possible. Bulk ordering can also reduce the overall cost of the purchase.   We at Cup Depot pride our online store as a one-stop shop you can go to if you want the best prices and products there are.    

Monday, March 4, 2013

Environment and Businesses Hand in Hand

Plastic can be seen everywhere.  It is one of the most common materials seen anywhere these days.  Manufacturers prefer it because of the material’s durability.  It can be used either indoors or outdoors, making it versatile.  It is flexible and can be molded into anything and everything the user would want it to be. 

When the word plastic is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is disposable items.  This is also the reason landfills are being filled up at a fast pace and pollution is becoming vast in what can be described as alarming levels already.  We would not want our planet to be overwhelmed and overcome by plastic. It is a good thing that there has already been a clamor by environmentalists and even ordinary citizens about reducing the use of plastic in everyday circumstances. 

Another positive development about this is that people are more than willing to do their share in saving the planet.  Even fast food joints are looking into ways of reducing their use of plastic materials in their food packaging materials.  Some are going back to using paper, although the material can be unreliable at times, especially when the item that needs to be packed has sauce or other liquid components.   Using a paper box for these kinds of food items would just render the box soggy and useless.  The next best thing is to use wax-lined paper boxes.  This way, the side of the box, which touches the food, is protected and doesn’t become soggy. 

Another innovative product that has been developed is recyclable plastic cups.  Yes, scientists have already developed a plastic container that can be considered both recyclable and compostable.  This plastic comes from a polymer called Polylactic Acid or PLA.  This polymer is derived from 100% renewable sources like grains, wheat, beets, and corn.  It is considered a food grade plastic, so it is safe to use for food storage.  Also, unlike other polymers that are derived from chemicals, PLA is non-reactive and has no smell at all, making food stored in it safe from contamination of flavors and smells.

Currently, there are a lot of food businesses and food joints looking into using recyclable plastic containers.  They know the effects of their food packaging on the environment and they want to reduce their contribution to the solid waste problem.  This way, they are not just making money out of their business but also helping the environment recover. These efforts can make their businesses look good too, as it reduces the problems of how they should go about the waste and trash their businesses are producing.

For businesses that are also looking for compostable and recyclable plastic cups, Cup Depot is one merchant, which can provide these environmentally friendly items.  Aside from disposable cups, they also have utensils, napkins, cutlery, and other things necessary for a thriving food business. They have one of the most extensive lines of plastic food containers and drinking cups and lids.  Their prices are also competitive with other online stores that offer similar products. Free shipping can be taken advantage of for businesses situated within the continental United States. This is truly a hassle-free and convenient way to help save the environment.