Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plastic Cups for a Successful Catering Business

Those who love cooking and anything related to it, setting up a culinary business is the way to go if you want to make money out of it.  Most of the successful caterers started small with just a few items on their menu and the passion for cooking.  Through word of mouth and a little marketing and networking genius, these successful caterers were able to grow their business to what it is today.

If you are one of those who are planning to enter the world of catering business, the first thing that you would have to think about is the kind of supplies that you would need.  Of course, this should be thoroughly thought of before deciding, as this is one of the major purchases that you would have to do before you start offering your culinary expertise to the people.  You can think about deciding whether to invest on china plates and glasses or to go the disposable way by using disposable plates and plastic cups. Of course, each group has its own pros and cons, which is why it is better to think about which one would be more beneficial for you since you are just starting before deciding what to buy for the business.

Aside from the plates and glasses, you must also invest on proper serving dishes because this is a big factor when it comes to setting up the service.  This would be applicable to those who plan to do buffet style instead of the plated or packed food service.  Foil containers can also be considered if the order need not be presented in a really beautiful way or will just be picked up by the customer from your commissary.

You must be thinking why the need to think about which kind of catering supply to go for when the menu should be the one you should concentrating on. There is a need for this because this will play a big part on how the business will be able to cope up with the demands.  If you are able to overcome these demands without any hitches then you can say that you can overcome any obstacle that may come. Plastic cups and other disposable supplies are preferred by many because of the convenience that it offers.  It is easy to transport and logistics will not be a problem. Using plastics in food packaging has been an accepted practice especially when the party is going to be held in another location when you can only do the cooking right in your commissary.  Using these disposable items to transport and serve the food in would mean work can be done faster and more efficiently.

There are many suppliers for catering supplies.  The only thing to remember when doing the purchasing is to go for those that are of good quality.  Using disposables does not mean, it should look and feel disposable too.  There are good plastic items that are of good quality and also, this will reflect on your service as well. If you keep this in mind then for sure you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time at all.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plastic Cups, A Sustainable Product

A lot of efforts are being put to conserve Mother Nature. With a lot of environmental disasters happening, everyone should now realize that the planet is in big danger if not taken cared of properly. The good thing is, manufacturers and more consumers are getting in the wagon and making sure that the products they manufacture and use are sustainable. By sustainable products, I mean products that are economically affordable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound.
For example, vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Opel, and Honda have also integrated the concept of sustainability into their product designs to ensure their competitive advantage. BMW promotes recycling in their design by using a company-specific recycling manual. On the other hand, Toyota fulfills its social responsibility by introducing a universal design into their new model. It introduces the self-operated Porte Welcab Friendmatic Seat Weldrive model, which enables the driver to get in and out of the vehicle without assistance. Interestingly, the Weldrive Seat can also be used as a motorized wheelchair! That’s a lot of benefits for everyone, including the environment and society in general.

Based on the examples of products discussed above, the integration of sustainability into the design of a product can be used as a marketing strategy for its promotion. With consumers increasingly aware of environmental issues, sustainability is now becoming a competitive advantage among manufacturers. Just imagine, being a consumer, being faced with two products that work properly, have good designs, and are easy on the budget. With all the factors in each product almost similar except that one of them is more environmentally friendly, that may be something that will attract the ecologically-conscious market segment, which has been steadily increasing. Thus, a lot of companies these days are presenting their products as environment friendly, which in turn, translates to more consumers.
Obviously, one of the biggest problems in the environment that consumers are contributory to is trash. A good number of companies have used this slant as a plus factor for their products through lessened and eco-friendly packaging, recyclable parts, and biodegradable ingredients, among others. On the part of consumers, they have responded positively to products that market themselves as an eco-friendly option, as this allows them to continue their consumerist wiles while also doing something for the environment.

Thus, we have such products as plastic cups. Cups made of plastic may have gotten a bad rep through the years, but since innovative ways of producing plastic have been introduced, the material has become steadily friendly to use. Recyclable and biodegradable plastic has become available, allowing people to use products made of the material without adding damage to the environment.

So, the next time you are faced with having to choose from the various materials for disposable cups, why not consider recyclable plastic cups? They’re sanitary, convenient, disposable, and most of all, friendly to the environment. Now, that’s one sustainable product!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sustainability in Plastic Cups

With the environment going in shambles, people have become more assertive in promoting ways to save it. Efforts have been increasing in the drive to come up with ways to lessen trash, improve the quality of air and water, and reduce damage to the ozone layer. These campaigns are doing very well in addressing the matter of preserving the planet for not just the current, but also future generations, to enjoy.

It is no wonder that concepts such as sustainable development have been pushed forward. After all, the present population of the Earth still has a lot of needs, but at the same time, the planet’s health for the incoming generations should not be compromised. People nowadays are looking for ways to live healthier, more abundantly, and longer. For humans to be healthy, they need food, clothing, and shelter, which in turn require economic means and a clean environment. However, these aspects need to be balanced with the needs of the next generation. Thus, improvement in terms of technology, the economy, and the environment can only be considered components to sustainable development if they contribute to society’s sustainability.
The factors or dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental, happen to overlap, though separate. What may be good for the environment may cost a lot of money. What may be cheap to consume can be regarded as a social taboo. What may be accepted in society’s norms may end up destroying the environment. Thus, though ideally treated in equal standing, there may be a factor or two that may be compromised when it comes to considering a product.  

Can the same be said about recyclable plastic cups? Definitely! In the eyes of a bystander, a plastic cup that is recyclable can be beneficial for both the environment and for society that is predisposed to throwing things after using them once or twice. However, many think that the sophisticated technology allowing such a product would make it cost a lot. Thus, even though it may be environmentally sound and socially acceptable, the price of these cups may prevent them from being a completely sustainable product. Simply put, no one will buy something that may cost a lot.

The good thing is, wholesale stores like Cup Depot carry plastic cups in wholesale at affordable prices. Disposable yet recyclable materials like plastic in affordable prices truly show that sustainability is in our midst, and there are no more excuses left to not strive in giving this generation and future ones a healthy and liveable planet.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Plastic Cups Versus Polystyrene Foam Cups: The Showdown

For many years now, the most popular type of cups being used is the polystyrene foam cup. Its popularity can be traced to the fact that it is the container of choice when it comes to hot drinks are a popular type of container for hot drinks, particularly in restaurants and home and office environments. Its excellent insulating capacities make it a preferable cup over the rest. Moreover, they are versatile as well in the sense that they are microwavable, which means they can also be used in heating smaller food stuff. 

However, many studies have also pointed out the dangers of polystyrene foam, particularly to the physical health of people using implements containing this material. The styrene compound found in this foam may seep into the contents of the container and is actually carcinogenic when ingested.

Moreover, these cups present an environmental disadvantage: Most recycling programs still do not accept styrene for recycling, although the material is actually recyclable. The thing about styrene is that when dumped into landfills, it does not degrade. Instead, it beads, and when it goes down to the water supply or gets washed out to a body of water, it can be consumed by humans or marine animals that think it is food. Lastly, these foam cups happen to be more costly compared to other cups made of other materials.  With those considerations, are polystyrene foams really the best choice for a business, home, or office?

Now, here come plastic cups to the rescue. The first thing that those who prefer foam over plastic, as mentioned earlier, is the microwavable factor of the former. Plastic, when microwaved, tends to melt faster and seep carcinogenic toxins into its contents. Thus, when foam cups would be replaced with plastic, microwavable glass containers can be provided as alternatives when heating food.

In the subject of foam cups having better insulating properties than cups made of other materials, an alternative would be to make cup warmers more accessible. Cup warmers are covers that are slipped on the cups that not only keep the drinker’s hands from being burned, but actually also keeps warm drinks warmer, longer. So, when cups made of plastic are used, cup warmer sleeves can be provided so that the heat from the drinks would be insulated, and the drinker’s hands can be protected as well.

Shifting from foam to plastic cups needs information dissemination among people affected. Some of them may not be used to using cups made of plastic, so they may forget using a sleeve warmer and getting themselves burned in the process. The benefit of these cups is that a majority of recycling centers do accept cups made of plastic for proper recycling. Thus, with a little rinsing, they can be collected and sent to a recycling center instead of being thrown into a trash can. Lastly, if the cup warmers being used are made of cardboard or paper, they could be recycled as well!

Plastic cups are more affordable and environmentally-friendlier compared to styrene foam cups for those that need disposable cups. Swapping foam cups to plastic ones can be done easily with a bit of planning and conviction.