Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Plastic Cups, A Sustainable Product

A lot of efforts are being put to conserve Mother Nature. With a lot of environmental disasters happening, everyone should now realize that the planet is in big danger if not taken cared of properly. The good thing is, manufacturers and more consumers are getting in the wagon and making sure that the products they manufacture and use are sustainable. By sustainable products, I mean products that are economically affordable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound.
For example, vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Opel, and Honda have also integrated the concept of sustainability into their product designs to ensure their competitive advantage. BMW promotes recycling in their design by using a company-specific recycling manual. On the other hand, Toyota fulfills its social responsibility by introducing a universal design into their new model. It introduces the self-operated Porte Welcab Friendmatic Seat Weldrive model, which enables the driver to get in and out of the vehicle without assistance. Interestingly, the Weldrive Seat can also be used as a motorized wheelchair! That’s a lot of benefits for everyone, including the environment and society in general.

Based on the examples of products discussed above, the integration of sustainability into the design of a product can be used as a marketing strategy for its promotion. With consumers increasingly aware of environmental issues, sustainability is now becoming a competitive advantage among manufacturers. Just imagine, being a consumer, being faced with two products that work properly, have good designs, and are easy on the budget. With all the factors in each product almost similar except that one of them is more environmentally friendly, that may be something that will attract the ecologically-conscious market segment, which has been steadily increasing. Thus, a lot of companies these days are presenting their products as environment friendly, which in turn, translates to more consumers.
Obviously, one of the biggest problems in the environment that consumers are contributory to is trash. A good number of companies have used this slant as a plus factor for their products through lessened and eco-friendly packaging, recyclable parts, and biodegradable ingredients, among others. On the part of consumers, they have responded positively to products that market themselves as an eco-friendly option, as this allows them to continue their consumerist wiles while also doing something for the environment.

Thus, we have such products as plastic cups. Cups made of plastic may have gotten a bad rep through the years, but since innovative ways of producing plastic have been introduced, the material has become steadily friendly to use. Recyclable and biodegradable plastic has become available, allowing people to use products made of the material without adding damage to the environment.

So, the next time you are faced with having to choose from the various materials for disposable cups, why not consider recyclable plastic cups? They’re sanitary, convenient, disposable, and most of all, friendly to the environment. Now, that’s one sustainable product!

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