Monday, April 8, 2013

Plastic and the Environment: A Possible Match?

Living life on the fast lane is the common thing nowadays. People are always on the go, as if some invisible force is chasing them.  Some people don’t even have the time to sit down and “smell the flowers.” This goes the same with eating habits.  People are increasingly finding it more convenient to order their food for takeout or to go.  Fast food chains are reaping the benefits of  this phenomenon because people who are on a hurry prefer to line up and get their food right after they order rather than go to the grocery, pick up food, and cook. That would take hours, even with those celebrity chefs saying otherwise.

Plastic products have played a major role in this shift, as this material is arguably the best way to have most food items packaged.  It could retain the freshness of the food as well as protect it from being contaminated.  Plastic cups, bowls, and containers are convenient to bring around, be it on a picnic at the beach or a party at home.  The practicality and convenience of plastic has made many prefer it as their method of packing food to go. 

Of course, not all plastics are allowed as food receptacles, especially if hot food items are involved. Only certain kinds of plastics are allowed to be manufactured into food storage pieces.  There are still studies being conducted on the effects of the kind of plastic used for food storage vis-a-vis its effects on the human body.  Some people say that it should not be used because the chemicals in the manufacturing of this material could be harmful to humans. Moreover, these dangerous chemicals can be transferred to the food placed in plastic containers, and eventually to people.  This is why some people still advocate that using glass-based food storage items. 

But while it is true that there are materials made of plastic that can be harmful to humans, the industry of plastic container manufacturers is moving toward the direction of safe plastics to ensure the safety of people who use their products. There are manufacturers that utilize plastics made from natural materials like grains and beets. This material is known as Polylactic Acid or PLA, a biodegradable polymer derived from organic and renewable sources. The great thing about this material is that aside from coming from a natural source, it is also biodegradable and compostable.   This means a lot nowadays, especially with the growing problem of trash everywhere.

Cup Depot is one of the sources for supplies of plastic cups and other kinds of food grade receptacles, as well as other restaurant items like straws, utensils and even napkins. We have a wide array of items to choose from for and we offer free shipping for deliveries within the country.  We have the most convenient solutions for any restaurant supplies needs. But alas, we are proud to say that we have products that are 100% harmless to the environment.

Encouraging the use of these PLA-based cups is a win-win solution for both the business and the environment, and we at Cup Depot advocate this cause.