Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sustainability in Plastic Cups

With the environment going in shambles, people have become more assertive in promoting ways to save it. Efforts have been increasing in the drive to come up with ways to lessen trash, improve the quality of air and water, and reduce damage to the ozone layer. These campaigns are doing very well in addressing the matter of preserving the planet for not just the current, but also future generations, to enjoy.

It is no wonder that concepts such as sustainable development have been pushed forward. After all, the present population of the Earth still has a lot of needs, but at the same time, the planet’s health for the incoming generations should not be compromised. People nowadays are looking for ways to live healthier, more abundantly, and longer. For humans to be healthy, they need food, clothing, and shelter, which in turn require economic means and a clean environment. However, these aspects need to be balanced with the needs of the next generation. Thus, improvement in terms of technology, the economy, and the environment can only be considered components to sustainable development if they contribute to society’s sustainability.
The factors or dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental, happen to overlap, though separate. What may be good for the environment may cost a lot of money. What may be cheap to consume can be regarded as a social taboo. What may be accepted in society’s norms may end up destroying the environment. Thus, though ideally treated in equal standing, there may be a factor or two that may be compromised when it comes to considering a product.  

Can the same be said about recyclable plastic cups? Definitely! In the eyes of a bystander, a plastic cup that is recyclable can be beneficial for both the environment and for society that is predisposed to throwing things after using them once or twice. However, many think that the sophisticated technology allowing such a product would make it cost a lot. Thus, even though it may be environmentally sound and socially acceptable, the price of these cups may prevent them from being a completely sustainable product. Simply put, no one will buy something that may cost a lot.

The good thing is, wholesale stores like Cup Depot carry plastic cups in wholesale at affordable prices. Disposable yet recyclable materials like plastic in affordable prices truly show that sustainability is in our midst, and there are no more excuses left to not strive in giving this generation and future ones a healthy and liveable planet.